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Brendon comes out to the pool in his gear, humming the 2001 theme for some reason. Vanessa is still getting geared up and in fact she almost forgot her life jacket. Rachel's glad Brendon's doing this and Vanessa wishes she weren't. Brendon does his ride solo, and while waiting and watching, Rachel asks Vanessa, "So what do you do, you go in there and you capsize, and you have to...?" "Save your damn self," Vanessa answers. "Don't die." Nice to see them talking again, at least. Brendon goes down and around and the bubbles curve dizzyingly as the fixed camera rotates with the module, and he makes his escape and gets his clue. "Little Brendon just did like an obstacle course in the water," Rachel overstates. She should know there's a little more to an obstacle course than that, of all adult people. They open their clue in firth place and Rachel sends Brendon off to change. At which point "Little Brendon" will... you know, I'm, sorry, I can't even finish the thought.

Joey "Fitness" and Danny are back in their cab, referring to themselves as the "comeback boys." I thought that was Team Kentucky. Joey "Fitness" optimistically says that some other team could be having a problem. Right on cue, Vanessa says she's afraid of both closed spaces and being underwater. Ralph says the same thing. But she gets in the trainer, which lowers down like it did with everyone else, although we get to see a poignant view of the outside of the window where her hand is pressed against it from the inside as it sinks below the surface. There's the flip and the alarm and Vanessa unwisely starts banging on the window rather than pushing it and it doesn't budge. "Dammit. I don't know what's wrong," Ralph says. We leave things with Vanessa submerged, and the alarm still going off and the divers closing in to go in and drag her out of there. If that happens, does Vanessa have to do it again until she gets it right? I don't seem to remember Phil mentioning that. Or, if the person doing the Roadblock dies, does there partner have to take over? And if he dies, what's the penalty when they get to the mat?

This is of course moot, because the version of events replayed after the ads makes it seem like a lot less time before she escapes. "My happy ass got out really fast," she narrates. She's done, and she and Ralph are in sixth place, but as Ralph says, "She's gonna be pretty pissed that her hair's wet." Maybe the dramatic commercial break should have gone there instead.

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