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Bopper and Mark head inside, where Bopper is led to a rack of dry suits (as opposed to wetsuits). The other teams belatedly find the clue crate and this is going to Jamie and JJ, while Vanessa and Ralph are still hunting for the blindingly obvious clue. So much for their no-mistakes strategy. Brendon and Rachel show up and find the clue before the divorcees do, but eventually we learn that Brendon and Vanessa will be taking this for their teams.

At the Fast Forward the Jersey guys seem rather disorganized, while Other Rachel and Dave have figured out a system for him to lower bales from the now-lower load to the now-higher stack. Soon Other Rachel pushes the last one into place and they run over to the judge to ask for a check. He comes over and gives them a nod, a smile of approval, their clue and he gets a hug from both of them in exchange, forcing Dave to retrieve their clue when he drops it. That would have sucked -- to win the Fast Forward and lose the clue so they don't know where to go and end up coming in last... but if any team could do it, it would be this one. Joey "Fitness" realizes the Fast Forward is all over, so they have to go. Danny runs toward the car, petulantly knocking down a bunch of the bales he already stacked. Dave proudly tells Other Rachel she's a "fricking workhorse" as he opens their clue sending them to the Pit Stop. Phil's already waiting at Esplanade Estakada with a woman in bright red traditional robes. Other Rachel and Dave happily get back in their cab as she says, "See? When we use teamwork, we're awesome. We just have to remember that, babe." I think that's her polite way of saying, "Quit being such a dick." The mood in Joey "Fitness" and Danny's cab is rather less cheery. "Got beat by a fricking girl," Joey "Fitness" pants. Looks good on you, you misogynistic prick.

At the training facility, Bopper, JJ and Jamie are all geared up in their dry suits, helmets and diving masks for the training exercise. Do the oil rig workers have to wear all that onto the helicopters every time? Seems like that would be uncomfortable. They lower themselves into the pool and swim awkwardly over to the half-submerged simulator. Watching through a window, Nary and Mark talk about what's going to happen. And out of nowhere, Mark tells Nary, "Bopper's got a bad crush on [Jamie]." Wow, indiscreet much? Remember when Chad proposed to Stephanie on the race and their subtitle changed from "Dating" to "Engaged" in the middle of the episode? I'll be looking forward to when team Kentucky's subtitle gets changed to "Former Best Friends." Mark reminds Nary of how Bopper checked in on Nary and Jamie with the harp task. "So funny," Nary says, because what else do you say? Also, I don't know if Bopper is married, but if he is, his daughter's medical expenses aren't the only ones he's going to have to worry about when he gets home.

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