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Montage of the other five teams on the way to the Route Marker, in what looks like a terrifying cab ride for all of them given the speed and traffic. Also, the cabs are so narrow that teams are sitting by themselves in the back seat, with what must be a very uncomfortable camera guy crammed in the front between the driver and the sound guy. "I just hope we don't go to gettin' too loose with me, cause we're gonna have some stuff a-spewin'," Bopper says. That's not actually an exaggeration, because soon Mark is gagging into a plastic bag. Bopper interviews that Mark can't ride in the back seat without throwing up, which explains why he's always driving. The Border Patrol team is able to see these goings-on from the cab next to them. "That's funny, that poor dude," Art laughs. Not to mention the other four poor dudes in a tiny little cab with Mark and a steaming bag of puke.

At the hay market, Joey "Fitness" is belatedly giving Danny instructions from the top of the truck, since Danny won't (or can't) read them himself. Both stacks are taking shape. "When are we gonna do some city stuff?" Danny complains. When you go on The Apprentice, maybe? Other Rachel is stacking as fast as she can, but Dave is still throwing them down so quickly she's getting a backlog, as well as hay and dust in her eyes. She looks like Lucille Ball on the assembly line. Other Rachel says she needs a hand and Dave quickly says, "Coming down." Oh, good, he's on his way to help her. Nice to see him being so responsive. Oh no, he means he's sending another bale plummeting down on top of her expanding pile. "For the love of Jesus," she says as he pushes down bales three at a time. "I can't do this any more." So maybe trade jobs? Let him deal with up while you deal with down for a while?

But both teams are still at it after the ads and Other Rachel seems to have found new determination. "The Midwestern work ethic definitely kicked in," Dave interviews. "We were either first or we were at risk of being last." Right, it's not like this is an ordinary task where you can finish five seconds behind the other team and then follow them to wherever they're going; you win this or you're fucked.

Art and JJ get to Occupational Training International and get out of their cab to search the grounds, which is littered with unreassuring aircraft wreckage. As the other teams are arriving, they're all sticking their heads into wrecks while Team Kentucky have their cab drive them right to the red-and-yellow metal crate sitting right out in the open. Then, when they retrieve their clue, they are "Currently in 1st Place." The highly uninformative Roadblock intro reads, "What goes down must come up!" Fortunately Phil has a little more background: given that oil is Azerbaijan's top industry and there are workers who commute via helicopter to the offshore oil rigs and those workers have to go through rescue training. That must be where this pool with scuba divers and half of a helicopter cockpit on a crane come in. Standing by the pool, Phil explains, "This Roadblock requires teams to take on their primal fears, by taking on a terrifying helicopter ditch rescue training exercise." Okay, now we're talking. The racers will be strapped into the seats of the fake cockpit. Now, this cockpit has no back wall, so it's not exactly like being trapped per se. But after the simulator is dunked in the water and then rolled over, they'll each have to undo their seatbelts and escape through the small window next to their seat, then swim to the rescue raft at the edge of the pool that holds the next batch of clues. And how will they do this with scuba gear on, you ask? That's just it; they won't have any. I imagine it's a bit like that scene in An Officer and a Gentleman, but with divers already in the water instead of Louis Gossett Jr. waiting on the edge to fish someone out.

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