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Bopper and Mark begin the leg in sixth place at 11:41 AM. Mark pronounces it "Azerbayjay," and they seem to think it's in Africa. Fortunately you don't generally have to specify a continent when booking a flight or they would find themselves way behind.

Nary and Jamie are close behind but still in seventh and last place when they leave at 11:42 AM. I don't recall them being that close behind Team Kentucky last week. But sometimes -- not that this is ever discussed on the show -- a teams' camera guy has to stop and change batteries or whatever and their team gets a time credit to make up for it... which will be embarrassing if it ever actually changes the outcome of a leg. Maybe something like that happened here. Anyway, the federal agents talk about how they're not only undercover as teachers (we flash back to them telling Rachel as much back at LAX), they came in second to last during the previous leg, which means nobody will see them as a threat. In other words, they meant to do that.

It must be rather a long drive to the Munich Airport, because Art and JJ are just now arriving. They head to the Turkish Airlines counter and learn about that 6:20 PM flight that will land in Baku at 4:10 AM. They take it, even though they're not thrilled about how late that it is. Not that they're ever thrilled about much.

Joey "Fitness" and Danny pull into the airport parking ramp just ahead of Vanessa and Ralph. As both teams wrestle their stuff out of their Fiestas, Joey greets the other team with a "What's goin' on, y'all?" Danny rushes him over to the elevator, and they bicker about whether Joey should or should not have said hello to another team. This continues as they wait for the elevator. "Saying hello isn't gonna put me behind anybody," Joey says to Danny. The camera pans to Vanessa now standing right behind them, who pleasantly chirps, "Hi!" I wonder if Joey would so fiercely defend his right to say hello to the all-male teams.

Soon both teams are inside the airport, in what a split-screen implies are completely different counters, until the split is taken away to show is that they're actually right around the corner from each other. Thinking he's being flirtatious, Joey asks their agent to join them on the trip (she says no so forcefully she nearly crashes through the back wall), and both teams secure seats on the ever-popular 6:20 Turkish Airlines flight. When Other Rachel and Dave get to the airport, they run into the Border Patrol agents, who tell them about the very same flight and assure them there's nothing earlier. Brendon and Rachel arrive next, having already gotten their tickets at the travel agency. And without waiting to see when or even if Team Kentucky or Team Undercover made it in, we skip ahead to an Amazing Red Line taking all of the teams from Munich to Istanbul, then across the Black Sea to Baku on the Caspian Sea's west coast. The B-roll of the capital quickly paints a picture of a land caught between east and west and with fires burning here and there. The teams land and race for taxis in the predawn darkness, and all manage to get them in an order that at first doesn't seem to matter at all, but which will affect the outcome of the leg pretty dramatically (for the record, it's Other Rachel and Dave, then Team Jersey, then everyone else). Art wishes he could see the temple in the daytime and JJ assures him that it's probably an hour away. And even if they don't say so, they'll have to wait until an arbitrary opening time anyway. Bopper compares their cab driver to Dale Earnhardt (even though he's not dead) and Vanessa figures the temple shouldn't be more than five minutes away.

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