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Joey "Fitness" and Danny are leaving in second place at 9:17 AM and head to the Munich airport in their own rain-spotted mini-Ford. They're feeling good about their chances today, since they came in tenth the first leg, then eighth, then two third-place finishes and a second, "So we have to get first." Yup, that's how it works. He thinks they're one of the strongest teams physically. "These are first-place glasses, by the way," Danny says by way of explanation as he points at his specs. At least they make his skin look less orange by contrast.

Vanessa and Ralph are leaving in third place at 9:19 and Vanessa's at least acting happy to be going to Azerbaijan. We flash back to last week, when Ralph diplomatically says they "weren't very nice to each other," but he adds that they hope to learn from their mistakes. Vanessa optimistically adds, "If we just stop screwing up, we will win something." In the cab, Vanessa figured Azerbaijan must be warm. "It's the land of fire! Fire's gotta be warmer than freaking Bavaria." Probably, but I think there's probably more land than fire or else there would be no place to walk.

Other Rachel and Dave are starting their leg at 10:57 AM. In a pre-leg interview, Dave maintains that they're still the team to beat. Which is good, because plenty of the remaining teams have been doing just that. In the car, Dave says he never expected to get to travel to Azerbaijan and tells Other Rachel off the top of his head that it's just north of Iran, off the Caspian Sea. See, I wouldn't have been able to tell her that without checking a map. His interview pre-leg continues, "As long as we can reduce the mistakes and remain supportive and relying on one another, then Rachel and I will ruin a good race. Remain supportive? Back in the car, Dave tells Other Rachel from the back seat that they're going the wrong way. "Should we have taken a left?" Other Rachel asks, but Dave tells her, "Just drive. Let me navigate, okay?" Other Rachel agrees, blissfully aware of the scarily intense expression Dave's directing at the back of her head. At least until her hair starts smoldering.

Brendon and Rachel are leaving at 11:17 AM in fifth place and we learn that this leg's allowance is $167. They drive into town to book passage at a travel agency and are soon learning about a Turkish Airlines flight that will be leaving Munich at 6:20 PM. And given that departure time, we can probably assume everyone will be on it.

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