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Finally Joey "Fitness" and Danny make it to the mat in last place. Phil takes a little longer than usual to tell them they've been Philiminated, but after a bit of a pause he finally gets around to it. He asks how they're feeling and Danny cops to being disappointed, saying that they made one mistake, but could have taken any of the other teams. But then, in their post-race interview, Danny says six legs isn't bad for two kids from Long Island. Watching at home, Long Island says, "Hey!" Danny says all of the experiences they tried were new to them -- and there's an unnecessary greatest-hits flashback montage that includes the skydiving, the cattle market and the castle, before we see them walking off of the mat. "I don't think any one of our friends would even think we'd be able to pull something like this off. I can't wait to go home, 'cause we're gonna tear it up." So they went from being sure they'd win to being proud of themselves for getting this far. Funny how losing will do that. "Joey 'Fitness' and Danny H. at a nightclub near you," Joey adds. I'll be sure to avoid all nightclubs, then. Danny gives a thumbs-up and says "ting!" while the Amazing Editors have his back with a little "ting!" noise dropped into the soundtrack. And their final exit is accompanied by a little club music. Not sorry to see them go, because I never really got the hang of how to refer to them. They're not exactly Team Jersey, because they're from New York, and they're not Team Guido, because we had a Team Guido in TAR1 and typing Joey "Fitness" all the damn time was a pain in my ass.

We're off next week, and then it looks like Rachel and Vanessa are going to get into it again. My money's on Vanessa. In fact, she should probably set something up on Kickstarter.

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