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Digging Out

Team Kentucky arrives at the spa while JJ is observing, "This guy's hairy as a Saint Bernard." He's not that bad, nor is he carrying a little barrel around his neck. Bopper and Mark stop to stick their heads into the Border Patrol's stall for a quick encouragement and are soon dealing with an oil-bathing client of their own. "It'd be hard to get me in that tub without a man holdin' me down," Bopper interviews in a way that's worthy of subtitles but doesn't get them. Soon they're complaining about how hairy their guy is too. Art and JJ are almost ready to move on to the shower stage, as they struggle with their client's ticklish feet. Brendon and Rachel show up and once they're in the stall, Rachel realizes, "This is real oil." Brendon just giggles happily.

Vanessa and Ralph are still searching the tiny store for the incredibly obviously positioned clues until Ralph finally spots them from across the room. "Oh my god, we are buffoons," Vanessa correctly says as she grabs one. They'll be doing Apples. "Oil takes a long time to scrape off someone's body," Vanessa says with an odd amount of authority. Tell us the story some time, please.

At the spa, Art and JJ are laughing and Bopper is worried about the shower water being too hot. "I don't want to burn the man up. It ain't no animal here, you know." Brendon and Rachel are comparing their experience to a horror movie. "This is the uncomfortable part," Rachel says. "Get in his junk, Art, get in his junk!" JJ bellows loud enough for all the other teams to here. Art is in no mood to play around, though. What with the junk and all.

At the fruit market, Jamie tries to hurry Nary along, but Nary's worried about missing the right apple. That would indeed suck, but there's not much chance of it happening, with them both carefully examining them two at a time. Vanessa and Ralph get there, and Vanessa gets right into the trunk to dig through the apples. "I hope this is the first time and last time I'm in a trunk," she says. She should probably avoid Rachel, then.

The bloom is definitely off the rose for Art with this task. "I don't think he minds that I'm rubbing him all over," Rachel says. No, I don't think they get CBS in Azerbaijan. Art and JJ are done, and they have their clue. Outside, Art rips open their clue sending them to the Pit Stop at the Esplanade. Phil reminds us that the last team to check in here may be eliminated. In the cab on the way there, JJ says, "We feel kinda violated." Art says sometimes you have to bite the bullet. You want a million dollars? Scrub a man's junk," JJ agrees. Behind them, Art and Bopper are the next to finish, so they're off in third place. Brendon and Rachel finish the "little piggies," putting them in fourth place on the way to the Pit Stop.

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