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Joey Fitness has experience as a lifeguard and surfer, so the Roadblock doesn't present much difficulty for him. "I'm pretty happy I didn't do this one," Danny says. Which means that we're not. They're off to Old Town in last place.

Vanessa and Ralph are currently arriving at Old Town themselves. They soon find the carpet shop, but the big yellow clues sticking out of predominantly red rugs prove too easy for them, as they start rummaging through the stock to find what isn't even hidden. Literally, they're right in front of Vanessa's face at one point.

Art and JJ get to the spa, where they're led into a tiled area and into a stall with what Art describes as a "tall, hairy, Aberzinajan [sic] man with gold teeth." Apparently they didn't fully read the clue or it didn't adequately describe the task and nobody at the spa is explaining anything to them anyway. Suddenly out of the tap comes a bubblin' crude, like the Border Patrol agents have just walked into a Sweded version of Dark Water. Art and JJ are already shocked at this sight, and are even more so when their client lowers himself into the gunk. "What the hell is going on, Art?" JJ asks incredulously. But eventually they figure out they'll have to scrape off the oil like the ancient Romans. "Like in Rome, do like you're in Aziberjistan [sic]." The guy hauls himself out, now black to the neck. "It looked like it was a Nutella-covered man," Art interviews. They get to work scraping the oil off his back. "Art, this is wicked strange," JJ says. You mean how you guys keep picking the Detours that involve male grooming? I agree.

Nary and Jamie get to the fruit market and find the impossible-to-miss apple-mobiles waiting for them, sitting so low on their springs they look like the exhaust pipe would strike sparks if anyone tried to drive them that way. There's also a pile of empty cardboard boxes to unload the apples into, so I'm glad they're not going to waste. Jamie starts on the trunk of a red car while Nary tries to figure out how to get into a backseat that has apples pressed against the rolled-up window all the way to the top, with a screwdriver jammed between the glass and the window frame for good measure. Fortunately there's a wider gap on the other side, so that's where she gets her start. "Teachers love apples," Jamie reminds us, when there aren't even any other teams around to bust them. Deep cover! An audience quickly gathers.

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