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It's also hard to sell Brazilian body waxing to hairy dudes like Zev and Justin, but they don't actually have a choice. Looking at a poster of smooth legs in the hallway that are pretty much the exact opposite of theirs, they know they're in for it. As their fifteen minutes begin, Justin says, "Zev, these challenges were not made for us today, buddy." They both scream/laugh like little girls through the treatment, making sure to drop in the obligatory "Oh, Kelly Clarkson" in there. Zev's waxer has to keep pushing his head back down on the table as he yells, "Do it already! Damn you!" They've got an audience now. They probably don't see many guys like these in here.

Jen and Kisha make it to another bar kiosk just down the beach from Gary and Mallory. Jen compares it to making a mojito, and says she did some bartending out of college. Their first drink is finished quickly. "I think I might go back to bartending," Jen says. She should wait until the end of the race before she decides that. Gary and Mallory are up to 17 drinks. Kisha thinks her judge is about to enjoy her first drink for himself, but is disappointed when he dumps it in the trash instead. "Bartending is not my thing," she says. It's good that she knows that. Maybe while Jen is making drinks, Kisha can go to the bathroom or something.

Flight Time and Big Easy show up next. "You knocked that dancing out, I knew you would," longtime Race fan Gary says to them as they take over the station behind him and Mallory. There seems to be enough room that they won't get in each other's way, but just barely. The sisters have five drinks, but the Globetrotters' first one isn't right. Also, Gary cut his finger on the shaker rim somehow. "I didn't know bartending was such a dangerous profession," he says. Well, it can be, especially in certain other parts of Rio, but it's not usually because of the shakers. They're up to 34, and the Globetrotters have two.

Back to the screams coming from the now-less-hairy members of Team Asperger's. "I swear to God I'm going to punch you in the face," Justin keeps saying to his waxer, not entirely kidding. With only seconds left, he asks, "what's the penalty for knocking her out cold?" But they get their clue in fourth place, and Justin with his half-waxed chest and Zev decide to sell bikinis. Oh, nothing's going right for them, is it?

Gary and Mallory are up to fifty drinks, Jen and Kisha have 28, and the Globetrotters are up to 13. The Amazing Race makes counting fun!

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