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Justin again tells Zev to do his best, and Big Easy comes out in an outfit with orange feathers to start learning the moves. Zev watches him, and after performing another side-leap on the practice stage that makes him look like a rat on a hot griddle, Zev takes another crack at it. Big Easy's right behind him, which does not bode well for Zev, considering the Globetrotters' past success in dancing-related tasks. But after this latest attempt, the judge takes pity on Zev, so he and Justin are finally out of there in third place. Still, Big Easy is right behind him, and he gets a... NAO. Odd, but Big Easy says he was messing up the ending. In the cab, Zev apologizes to Justin, but Justin insists Zev did his best. It's just Zev's rotten luck that after all these years of the race making no distinction between "performing" dances and "attempting" them, some chick in Brazil didn't get the memo. Big Easy shortly finishes the task, so he and Flight Time are on their way to Copacabana, still in fourth place, but less so than before.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the beach and head behind the bar to watch a burly bartender demonstrate the correct way to make a caipirinha. Simply put, it's limes, sugar, crush, ice, booze, shake, pour. He makes it look easy, but the first one Gary makes gets dumped out in the trash, and so does Mallory's. They keep doing things in the wrong order, and at least one more gets shitcanned. Even with the mellow ukulele combo playing and singing nearby, it's really stressful to watch. It's such a waste of good alcohol.

Kisha and Jen's waxing is pretty uneventful, except for how after the fact, Jen says the armpits hurt. Kisha teases her and she protests, "I shaved my armpits yesterday!"

There's a quick visit with the cab-bound Zev and Justin, and all you need to know is that the short sequence ends with Zev saying, "I hope somebody just got as lost as us." No such luck, because the Globetrotters are already at the salon. In fact, Flight Time is flirting with the waxers by undulating his bare stomach at them while they're powdering him up. "It's your lucky day, girl," he says, right before she rips off a layer of his chest. Jeez, dude, you know the cameras are on, right?

Gary and Mallory seem to have gotten the hang of the drink-mixing, and have five lined up on the bar. Meanwhile, Jen and Kisha get finished up while the Globetrotters' waxings are still in progress, and decide on the drink mixing. By the time the sisters get back out on the street, Zev and Justin are just arriving. Inside, Flight Time gets the last bit of wax ripped off him and gives his waxer a kiss before heading out. She might or might not be blushing. They also decide on "On the Rocks." "It's gonna be hard to sell." Especially after all the selling Flight Time was just doing in the salon.

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