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We get our first good (albeit quickly-edited) look at the staircase, which is so covered with so many different styles of ceramic tile it's like every bathroom in Latin America exploded. The first three teams all arrive at the same time, but Justin, at the head of the pack, is the first to spot a blue Route Info tile near the foot of the staircase. He pulls it loose while the other teams keep hunting, and brings it to a local for interpretation. It's sending them to something called the Largo Sao Francisco de Prainha to find their next clue. Gary and Mallory also find one in short order, as well as Kisha and Jen. Then they all run back to the street and get cabs in the same order, although Jen is happiest that their new cab has air conditioning. Okay, I know it gets above eighty in Louisville, because it was that hot the whole ten minutes I drove through it that one time.

At long last, Flight Time and Big Easy are boarding the tram. For all we now, it's the exact same tram car and it just shuttles back and forth every thirty minutes. Up ahead, Justin is talking about the Globetrotters' plight, and how getting off the plane last ended up putting them a half-hour behind. I think it was more having one of the Slowskys as a cabdriver. Either way, Flight Time and Big Easy are awfully quiet riding up to the staircase, which is why it's good that Justin didn't mind taking on some of their narration duties for them.

Zev and Justin arrive at their next destination to find some kind of samba party in full swing, with dancers and musicians performing frenetically. Can you imagine the teams being ten hours apart? These poor people would have been exhausted by the time everyone got through. There's also a clue box. "Who's not afraid of shaking in their boots?" Justin reads from the Road Block clue. Suddenly Phil is in the middle of all this activity, explaining how someone from each team will have to learn the samba. They'll put on "wild Carnival costumes," learn the dance, and "lead their personal samba troupe on a parade through the streets." Although it's more like "street." If a dance judge on her high throne approves enough to hold up a sign reading "SIM," she'll give them their next clue. I assume "SIM" is Portuguese for "yes." Or rather, "YES."

Zev has to do this one, because Justin has done five and Zev's done four, "and we needed to be five-five going into the last leg." Well, you need to get to the last leg first. But Zev is led into a building and after some quick edits of the dancers, emerges dressed in a red-feathered wicker skirt, collar, and crown, with black briefs under it all to placate the FCC. It's not as "wild" as Phil made it sound; the headhunters on Gilligan's Island were more elaborately garbed. Justin laughs as his partner is led up onto a stage to be taught the steps -- to the extent that he can be. Zev interviews that he hates dancing, "Because I have white-boy rhythm." As the two instructors lead Zev clomping through the routine, Justin tells him he looks like a million dollars. In nineteenth-century money, maybe.

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