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Here come the Globetrotters, casting evening shadows that are even longer than they are. They join Phil, Kisha, and Jen on the mat and hug the latter two. "Flight Time and Big Easy," Phil begins. "We done won?" Big Easy cracks. Phil says, "Unfortunately you got beaten out by a better team today. You're the second team to arrive at the end of this Amazing Race. Congratulations." Even Kent and Vyxsin clap for them. Phil asks how they felt at the end, and Big Easy says, "Seven Mile bridge is really seven miles," getting a laugh and adding that they didn't have a chance after mile two. With their size, the headwind must have been even tougher on them. Phil invites them to say something to the winners, and Flight Time quickly congratulates them, calling them the most consistent team. "They never struggled, they were never toward the bottom, they never finished first until it mattered. We got beat out by a couple girls but that's okay." I'm still waiting for Kisha to triumphantly cry out, "Spooooon!"

Farewell montage for the Globetrotters, with all the laughing, hugging, chest-bumping, dancing, and singing that implies (including some on the mat in Rio that we didn't actually see during the last hour, which also reminds me of a two-hour 24). "We did it all under one roof, baby, and I'm happy we did it," Big Easy says. The roof is metaphorical, and yet not sports-metaphorical. People really do grow from this experience.

Finally, Gary and Mallory come running, with her panting and laughing at the same time. It's not dark yet, but those shadows are gone, so it won't be long. It also explains why all the post-leg interviews we've been seeing were shot at night. Phil welcomes them in third place, and gets a hug from Mallory. "You wanted so bad to do this with your dad, and he did you proud, didn't he?" he asks her. Mallory says he always has. "He's the most special thing in the world." Gary says it's great to have children grow up and still want to hang out with you, and her wanting to do the race with him "meant the world to me." He adds that they've done it twice, back to back no less, "and if we get the opportunity, we'd try it again." Nice work if you can get it. In the post-leg interviews, Mallory says they wanted to make it around the world, and they did that. "We know money's not everything, but the experience is priceless, for sure." Jesus is like, "So we're cool then, right? After I deal with Sterling, you need to quit bugging me."

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