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Up ahead, the other teams are arranging their Astroturf carpet, bicycles, barbecue grill, mini-fences, and awning, "and all of a sudden, you know, Hurricane Andrew hit, and we were in trouble." Yes, because I still don't think they're laughing about Hurricane Andrew down there yet. Also, the awning keeps blowing loose as they're trying to secure it. "I don't know why this lady got all this stuff out here in twenty-mile-an-hour winds, but she can go ahead with her bad self," Jen grumbles while she and Kisha have similar problems. Big Easy is getting so frustrated with Flight Time's struggles with the awning he calls him Herb. While both teams battle, I'm sure Gary and Mallory are asking Jesus to keep the wind up until they arrive. In their absence, however, the residents are enjoying the show. "When they do somethin' stupid, we think it's funny," one woman explains, unnecessarily outlining the motivation of every local audience on this show all over the world. The Globetrotter's inflatable mini-pool slides across the street, and Kisha tries to keep Jen from getting frustrated. Which is probably harder than the actual task.

Gary and Mallory finally arrive at the marina, open the clue, and run over to where the trailers are parked to tow it to slot D-12. The other gap narrows!

At the other two teams, the woman from the task explanation wanders up with her hair holding up much better than the teams' trailer sites. "Hey, Miss Rose, how you doin'?" Big Easy greets her like an old friend while he's trying to plant a tacky weather vane in the ground. She responds in kind, and he admits he's been better. "Give me about ten more minutes, and three minutes if the wind stops, and I'll have it looking good as your hair is right now." Maybe he should ask to borrow some of whatever windproof fixative it is she uses to keep that tonsorial edifice of hers in place. Seriously, she looks like Marge Simpson through a funhouse mirror.

Kisha calls Miss Rose over for an inspection. She comes over and says, someone nonsensically, "I'm sorry, but despite the wind, it does not look like the brochure." It does to me, but a freeze-frame of their lot compared with the picture highlights that the condiments on the picnic table are not arranged just so. Not seeing this, the sisters start clearing the gravel off their Astroturf carpet, like it's a housekeeping issue. The Globetrotters call Miss Rose over and get the same speech. Oh, and also, all their mini-fences have blown down, so there's that, too.

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