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Gary and Mallory arrive at the mile marker clue box and head into the water. While it was knee-deep on the Globetrotters, let's just say that it isn't on Mallory.

The sisters are still getting wet, but behind them, the Globetrotters are more concerned with catching up. Gary and Mallory are wading onto Horseshoe Island, and quickly find the clue. She even reads it quickly, and soon they're on their way back.

Kisha and Jen don't even have to get off the boat by themselves when it docks. Now they just have a short walk to Galway Bay, which according to the sign is a "55+ Community." After they open the clue, Phil waxes sociological on us: "In the laid-back world of the Florida keys, lots of people like to relax in the carefree and often kitschy confines of a sleepy trailer park like this one." That certainly sounds like a good atmosphere for the final task in The Amazing Race. The subtitle for this task describes it as "Create Trailerhood," which doesn't really mean anything to me, but Phil explains that they'll choose one of three small trailers, pull it onto a lot by hand, hook it up to the utilities, and then arrange the tiny front yard to match a picture in a brochure, complete with picnic table, pink flamingos, mini picket fence, etc. in what Phil calls "the ultimate Florida trailerhood." Then we see Phil perched on the hood of a car next to a tiny woman with sunglasses and a beehive hairdo sprayed to withstand hurricane winds, who holds out the next clue the teams will receive after they've gotten it right.

Kisha and Jen waste no time getting started, hauling their trailer down the marked path to where they'll need to park it. Flight Time and Big Easy make landfall and quickly arrive at the clue box as well, and start pulling as well. The gap narrows!

Cue the slide guitar musical stings, reminding us that trailer park isn't just a place, it's also an adjective. We get to see some local color, like a sign advertising "Hot Women & Cold Beer" at the Pirate's Pub, with several local denizens on the porch taking in Kisha and Jen's arrival with their trailer across the way. They're still getting it on the footings when the Globetrotters roll up. Soon both teams have their trailers in place, creating an effective two-way tie for first.

That of course puts Gary and Mallory in a one-way tie for last, but at least they're enjoying it. "Last leg, final three," Mallory says, and they both know that's as good as they're going to get, but they're cool with it. Which is good. I suppose the alternative is finding Sterling's home address and sending him boxes of spring-loaded poo.

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