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Meanwhile, Gary is finishing up the forklift Road Block at the marina in short order. His guide was so impressed that he wishes him a hearty good luck, so they're on their way to Key Largo. "We're gonna pay you really good," Mallory promises Sterling when they return to their cab. Whatever they're paying him, it's too much.

Below sea level, Jen and Big Easy have belatedly remembered that they have a task to complete. The Amazing Editors keep identifying them with not only subtitles but little bubble-cam windows in the corner of the screen, in which they're almost recognizable. Big Easy's having fun, although Jen says she's going to be sick. It would not be fun to vomit in one of those. Topside, Kisha says Jen will get through it. "Hope she gets through it after we leave," Flight Time pipes up. In the cab there, Gary is fretting about the 25-minute lag they have from getting lost, but Mallory reminds him that they're lucky to have this shot so they have to stay positive. Also, she's still not convinced Sterling has decided not to kidnap them.

Back in Mermaidville, Big Easy has found a chest with a clue in it, so he's done as soon as he gets to the surface and swims to the side. Running back in his wetsuit, he yells, "Baby, they got me in all types of tight stuff this year." Kisha says Jen's still down there, and we see Big Easy getting dressed while Flight Time reads the doggerel-clue that I'm not going to bother to transcribe; I'll just say that they're supposed to go to mile marker 29 on Big Pine Key. Down below, Jen waits for a mermaid to get out of her way and retrieves a clue. Flight Time and a half-dressed Big Easy run back out to the road, only to find their taxi gone. Oopsie, and Jen's done, so the Globetrotters are now running down the road. Hope it's not a long jog to mile marker 29.

After a quick update on that coming back from the ads (and a gratuitous peek at Jen changing), Kisha reads the clue to Big Pine Key and they run for their cab. The Globetrotters, still running, meet their cab as it's returning from the gas station (seemed like a good idea at the time), and they're back underway, as soon as they spot someone by the side of the road to ask directions. But Kisha and Jen's driver already seems to know where he's going, so they leave the Globetrotters behind, Jen reminding Kisha that she swam and earning congratulations for it. Flight Time and Big Easy are getting directions from a middle-aged saleslady at a thrift store, who gets a little flirty, telling them "Keep on rolling" and "Keep on playing ball, guys," like she's saying something entertaining. They're off, trying to catch the sisters.

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