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The Globetrotters are arriving at Jules' Undersea Lodge, which appears to be beneath a lagoon. Well, okay, it wouldn't be undersea otherwise, I suppose. Flight Time tells their driver that they're going to pay him, and he'll get gas, and come back for them. Better hope there's a gas station nearby, then. They get out of the cab and run for the place, saying, "Let's go get that money!" Kisha and Jen arrive as the Globetrotters open the clue -- for a Road Block.

And as if two Road Blocks in a row weren't weird enough, suddenly we're looking at an underwater jazz band, to which mermaids are dancing, also underwater. Phil tells us that after the end of World War II, "Florida became famous for its lavish underwater mermaid shows, a tradition that continues to this day." And Phil is among them, riding some kind of underwater motorcycle with a built-in diving helmet. His voice echoes inside it as he tells us that the re-racers will be "exploring an undersea world in a high-tech personal submarine." They look about as high-tech as Jules Verne, but whatever. It seems these one-person submersibles are called "bob dives," and each re-racer will have to steer theirs among the swimming mermaids and floating treasure chests tethered to the sea floor. Some of the treasure chests have clues inside them, and when they find one, "They can return to the surface, leaving their sultry sirens behind." Big Easy interviews that he thought he was done with Road Blocks for the rest of his life. Kisha and Jen are just arriving, and Jen's doing this one. "Just like I did the scuba thing, you got this," Kisha says, because of how they both hate water, as we're reminded by a flashback to Jen's panic attack in China. As we see Jen in a wetsuit swimming out to the spot in the lagoon where the bob dives are waiting, she interviews that she doesn't have a fear of water, but a normal tendency to panic at appropriate times, like during drowning. Big Easy dives under the surface and his head pops up inside the bob dive's air pocket, and Jen does the same, explaining that she took swimming lessons since the last race just for this purpose. Probably a good call, that. They travel past some freaky fake warning signs and up to where the underwater band is paying and the mermaids are swimming around, and Big Easy cops in an interview to being distracted by it all. Flight Time dances up on the dock as though he can see or hear any of it.

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