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Kisha and Jen's driver passes the Globetrotters on the highway. Which is huge, because in the last leg you never know if a change in rank is going to be the last one. Especially with Gary and Mallory so far back. Mallory asks their cabdriver's name; it's Sterling. As nicely as she can, she asks if he knows where he's going or if he should call someone to make sure. "He knows," Gary assures her for some reason. Mallory's counting on "faith and a feeling." Which is good, because I don't think she can count on Sterling.

The sisters are the first to make it to the marina, and the clue box on the grounds, but not by much. It's a Road Block. Now here's Phil, doing the Captain Obvious thing as he tells us Miami is a "city by the sea. And for many here, boating is a way of life." Hence the thousands of boats stacked up in racks at the marina. "But looking after expensive boats is a risky and difficult job," Phil continues as a giant forklift wheels up behind him, "and teams are about to get a lesson in the perils of dry dock." Okay, so they're basically using one of those big old forklifts to put a boat on a rack. It's tricky, with lots of controls, but that doesn't make it exciting. Plus, Phil's warning that they must "avoid a catastrophe" is accompanied by shot of an actual boat being dropped, which tells us that if they're dropping boats on purpose just to illustrate the risks of the task, they're probably using boats that were going to be junked anyway. At least, the one we get to see being dropped three times in a row is pretty decrepit. I mean, it's not like most tasks are demonstrated with a worst-case scenario on this show. They'd have trouble getting production assistants to bungee-jump, that's for damn sure. After they've succeeded, the forklift operator will give them their next clue. Kisha and Flight Time are doing this. They head over to two of the three real forklift operators waiting to walk them through it and introduce themselves so they can be led over to the forklifts that Jen describes as "ginormous." This is a first for Kisha, as opposed to Flight Time, who once operated a mini-forklift at Wal-Mart. After some brief instructions, Kisha has her forklift moving, with her guide right there on the running board, in case you thought this might be challenging. Jen remarks of her sister in the giant machine, "She looks like a pea in a salad." More like a tick on a dog. Or, in that outfit, The Tick (sans headpiece). Flight Time soon has his machine moving as well.

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