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Kisha and Jen begin their leg at 9:05 AM, and learn that they're getting $354 for this leg. Which means a lot of cabbing in Miami, we can tell right now. Their interview is about their single mom who worked hard for them, so they want to do her proud. And a million dollars would "help ourselves and help the people close to us." Someone close to Kisha needs to tell her that the all-blue outfit she's wearing makes her look like she plans to camouflage herself by standing in front of an IKEA store.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the airport. He's a big ball of stress right now. You can tell because for the first time in her life he's talking more than she is.

Flight Time and Big Easy start at 9:29 AM, and are already using positive visualization. Also, they seem to be able to tell from the clue that everyone's going to be on the same flight. See? No more Guido edits. "At the end of the day, it's gonna be Flight Time jumping in my arms talking about we did it, baby," Big Easy says, while Flight Time tries not to look too embarrassed. They get a cab and continue thinking positive.

Gary and Mallory get tickets from the Rio airport's American Airlines ticket counter and clear out, just before Jen and Kisha rush in. Enter the Globetrotters, who check their bags at the airport, apparently unaware of how that bit some TAR5 teams in the ass when an earlier flight opened up but they couldn't get on a different plane from their baggage because of 9/11. But then, that's ancient history, right? TAR5, I mean, not 9/11.

All three teams get on the plane as we hear them interviewing about the final three, and for some reason, Mallory is riding in a luggage cart that Gary is pushing. It looks better on her than it did on Kent, which would not be the case with his Goth regalia. Although if Mallory went Goth, at least there would no longer be a two-way tie for Happiest Goth On Earth. The plane lifts off in the evening, and one last Amazing Red Line accompanies Phil's voice telling us that "all teams are now making their way to their final destination, Miami, Florida." And one Burn Notice clip package later, all three teams are racing full tilt through the Miami airport. The Globetrotters seem to beat the others to the taxi stand, with Kisha and Jen right behind them, but Gary and Mallory seem to be having some difficulty communicating their urgency to the person at the taxi stand. In fact, the other two teams are already on the road, one behind the other, by the time Gary and Mallory get in their cab, only to watch the driver wander off somewhere. Which is when they should have quit fucking around and switched cabs. But when the driver finally gets in, they start tag-teaming him about how they're in a race and the other teams are ahead of them and they need to go fast. I won't say it's already over for them. Yet.

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