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Flight Time and Big Easy are welcomed to the mat as Team Number Three. Big Easy yells about coming for the check.

Justin sips his caipirinha in the back of the cab to the Pit Stop as we hear Zev saying it's a bad feeling to know the race is about to come to an end. Justin calls it a tough way to go. And he even has something to compare it to. There's a montage of their greatest hits this season, including Zev slamming his kangaroo tail in the car door. "Asperger's or not," Justin interviews, "I learned a lot about this kid through the race and what we've done, and I think he's proved a lot to himself and to a lot of people. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything no matter how much money we won or didn't win." We get to relive their stunned triumph at Villa Trapp, and then they're slogging down to the beach, and their last arrival at a Pit Stop mat. "This is where it ends," Justin says. "Yep," Zev agrees. "This would be really romantic if we were a couple," Justin remarks. Eventually they reach the mat, clearly in no hurry to get there and end the race. But at least Justin has learned enough Portuguese to say "Obrigado" to the greeter. Phil tells them they're the last to arrive, and Philiminates them. "Okay," they both say stoically. Phil says he's seen them happier, and they allow that they've been happier. In their post-leg interview, Zev says, "He was the Race and I was the Amazing. And I think we fit that combo pretty well. Better than any other team." "I'd say that's pretty accurate," Justin agrees. I have to as well. Zev says there's more to it than trying to win a million dollars. "That's a good point, man," Justin says. "Thanks, man," Zev says. And that's it for them. But at least they still have some trips, a car each, the undisputed title of "Most Improved" after going from ninth in TAR15 to fourth in TAR18, and even, presumably, their passports.

So now that the penultimate leg is over, it's time for the big-talk. Kisha says the only time winning a leg matters is the last one, and they plan to do it. Well, there's a first time for everything. Big Easy uses more basketball metaphors. Mallory says, "We've got mental, we've got physical, and then we've had luck on our side." They all think they're going to win, but they can't all be right, can they?

After an ad break like this is a two-hour night of 24, we're still in Rio, which Phil describes as "the pulse-pounding heart and soul of Brazil." He talks about the city's passions, from soccer to samba, and how right now the whole city is gearing up for the 2014 World Cup. "And part of that race to the future: the Museum of Contemporary Art. " Looks like in their race to the future, they overshot it a bit. "Built to contrast the natural setting below [no shit], this ultramodern museum was the eleventh Pit Stop in a race around the world." Which means no more Pit Stops, y'all. Gary and Mallory, who won the previous leg five minutes ago, will be leaving at 8:54 AM. Mallory's as excited as usual about Miami, but for some reason this time it's like she's doing it in a library. Phil says that's a 4,000-mile flight to their final destination. After some b-roll that looks like it was lifted from Burn Notice, Phil adds that once they land they have to get to the Rickenbacker Marina to find their next clue. Gary's in a hurry to get to a cab, and Mallory interviews that there's never been a parent-child team that's won. She's in pageant-speak mode in a beach interview about maybe getting to be the first. Once they get in a cab, Gary is all business as he tells Mallory that they're racing for the best seats on the flight to Miami. Every little thing matters at this stage, until one of those things becomes such a big thing that nothing matters. Not that that's a spoiler or anything.

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