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This one's going to Luke, Cord, Cara, Mallory, Big Easy, Jen, Zev, and...Ron? Christina? Ron's willing to do it if it's an eating challenge (those warm Chinese buns were hours ago, after all), but he vacillates for so long that she impatiently says "Daddy!" and he agrees that she should do it. Too bad, I would have liked to see him shut up long enough to eat something.

Everyone who's doing the Road Block gathers around the example windchime to take notes, and then they split up to begin the search. The wooden walkway has the charms hanging overhead, as well as from the supports and railings, plus there are other tourists sporadically wandering through. Jen says she doesn't know all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, but Christina rattles them off in Chinese a lot faster than I could do with the Western zodiac. Or possibly even the ingredients in a Big Mac. "My mom made me memorize it since I was a little kid, "she explains. People are starting to gather up their charms. By way of asking for help, Cord imitates a rooster for some passersby. He's like a goodwill ambassador, but with the "d" in "goodwill" replaced by an "f." Big Easy leans over asking, "The dragon -- you know where it's at?" The ruminant animal he's talking to glances randomly off in the other direction, so that's where Big Easy goes. As good a system as any.

Speaking of random directions, Kent and Vyxsin have apparently already made it to the top of the shuttle bus route and are opening the clue telling them to ride a yak. She gets to start out across the river.

Further up the mountain, most searchers only need a few more charms. But Luke is the first to return to the little gazebo where they're supposed to put together their little crafts, supervised by a judge in local garb. "I'm sure he'll do fine, he's really good at detail," Margie says. He'd better do well, because he's also good at getting frustrated really quickly when things don't go right. Mallory joins him and gets to work. Christina's got all of her charms, plus the additional charm of being briefly separated from her dad. Luke finishes assembling his and asks for a check of his work, but the judge shakes his head no. Mallory, however, got it on the first try. After getting her clue and bowing her thanks, she tells Luke to look at hers. "Order," she says, exaggerating her mouth movements even more than usual in an attempt to let Luke read her lips. She runs back to join Gary, as Phil says they now have to find the "marked buses" to take them to Old Town Li Jiang. It does look pretty medieval there. There's a large metal prayer wheel (a rotating cylinder) in the middle of the square. And next to that, naturally, is a clue box. Gary and Jet both compliment Mallory on how quickly she got that done, and I have to agree. Christina is also getting her clue, and Luke gets his straightened out, earning his clue in third place. Jen only has one charm left to find. Cord looks like he's on his way to the gazebo, while Zev is counting the ones he has. Justin narrates, "I just caught a glimpse of Zev's Elmer Fudd hat. He looks like he knows what he's looking for, which is kind of all I can ask at this point." Zev has ten charms. Cord finishes up. "That's my brother," Jet twangs proudly. Cara's heading for the gazebo with Jen close on her tail. "Where are you, Rabbit?" Zev growls as the camera behind him does an Amazing Ironic Zoomâ„¢ in on the rabbit tile he just passed. Big Easy finds his last charm and ruins for the gazebo. "Pace yourself!" Flight Time yells. "I'm coming, Flight Time!" Big Easy yells back. They go back and forth like this until Big Easy passes out from hypoxia (not really). Everyone at the gazebo gets to work untangling and assembling while Zev looks worried and Justin yells at him not to give up. Big Easy is the next to get a clue, and he bounces his chest off of Flight Time's as he runs back to meet him. Cara and Jen are finishing up while Zev is still searching for a rabbit, making him the last person still searching for charms.

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