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They have, however, spotted their first sign directing them to Narita. In their interview, she says they were given "ample time" to get there. "There is no reason on this earth that any sane person wouldn't have made it to that flight on time," she says, making a completely accurate statement. At least they've reached the airport now. They find a ticket agent to tell her that they missed the flight they were booked on, but she gets them on a flight that afternoon. "We're gonna get there. Things might be okay." She clings to him on the plane, but it's not reciprocated. The subtitle reads, "Alternate Flight to Kunming, China, 3:30 PM." Damn, that's almost a six-hour lag. That's going to hurt. Well, almost as much as missing the flight in the first place.

It's evening in Kunming by the time the "required flight" (thanks for that again, subtitles) lands at 7:17 PM, making it a longer flight than I expected, especially with the time change. Now the eight teams who managed to actually get on that flight have to decide how to get to Li Jiang. Everyone splits up to do research at whatever publicly available computer terminals they can find, while Ron and Christina talk to a local with a laptop. Ron narrates that they were going to take a flight at 7:00 the next morning, but their new friend has learned that there are two trains to Li Jiang leaving Kunming that night, at 8:50 and 10:16. As they're heading across the airport, Margie asks them if they're taking the train. Ron dodges the question, and they rush to a train ticket counter, where Christina deploys some Mandarin to get them tickets on the 8:50 train to Li Jiang -- making them the only team to do so. Already their language advantage comes into play.

After the first train pulls away, the other teams get to the window too late. "We missed out by ten minutes," Justin says to Flight Time, who shrugs, "Everybody did." Well, not everybody. But the other seven teams get on the 10:16 train. "Kent and Vyxsin are nowhere to be found, "Mallory chuckles, "And Ron and Christina, we think, might have gotten the 8:50 train." Up in his bunk, a stuffy-nosed Justin tells us, "Knowing Kent and Vyxsin are not on this train and not in China makes this hard sleeper a little softer." Zev: "Hey-ooo!" The doors close and the train pulls out, widening the gap for Kent and Vyxsin even farther.

Their flight arrives hours later, at 1:35 AM. And the airport is pretty much closed down for the night, so they're essentially stuck in Kanming for the night. Luckily they find a hotel nearby. I assume they're just hanging out there and not getting a room. And presumably a taxi to Li Jiang is out of the question, what with it being a drive of at least eight hours.

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