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They're on the freeway in daylight, going to what looks like nowhere. Vyxsin is confused, but looking at the compass, she realizes that they're going the "wrong freaking way," and have been for an hour. She berates herself while Kent just calmly asks, "It's taken you this long to bring this up?" "Well, I'm bad at directions, "she shrugs, and waves to the camera, "Bye-bye, Amazing Race." If only it were that easy.

Poor Phil, having to do another disaster-relief PSA for Japan after doing the one for his hometown two weeks ago., y'all.

Back from the ads, Vyxsin is still saying they're screwed, which never happens after ads, so you know they really are screwed. Kent points out that there haven't been any signs for Narita, which Vyxsin says is because they've been going the wrong way. Sure, you don't see road signs pointing you to where you left, unless you look in the mirror. In which case, Vyxsin's displays would pretty well upstage any signs reading "atiraN." We then see them in a post-leg interview, at which point, I don't think it's a spoiler to say, they have the same Chinese background behind them that Zev and Justin did in their earlier interview, so at least they make it to China at some point. Vyxsin compares it to when they got lost in Italy, although we see in the flashback that she was doing the driving then. "We're not doing too well on time right now," Kent understates in the present. "It's about nine o'clock and that flight leaves at 9:50." They're downtown as he says this, and she's saying, "We're not gonna make the flight, Kent," as they pass through suburbs, and then she throws a full-on, map-eating wobbler in the back seat as we see them back in the country. Kent tells her not to give up: "The Amazing Race is about tragedies but it's also about miracles." And it's starting to look like they might actually need one.

And now it's 9:20 at Narita Airport and the other teams are boarding. Justin says of Kent and Vyxsin's continued absence, "There's really no excuse. Even if they had to walk to Narita, it should have happened." Yes, how dare they prevent an equalizer from actually equalizing? Vyxsin is tearfully telling Kent she loves him for never quitting, and that's one of her favorite things about him. I guess it would be mine, too. And I can't believe we're actually seeing this, but there's a subtitle reading "Required Flight to Kunming, China, 9:50 AM," as a plane lifts off from the runway. They really did miss the flight. And I don't see their positive mental attitude getting them to China.

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