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Jaime and Cara open their clue at 12:42, so that's not as big of a lag as one might have thought. In the car to the airport, Jaime (driving, of course), says that "Last time we went to China was one of the most miserable days of my life." Flashback to that, and Jaime pronouncing that China "sucks." But this time she promises a "fresh, new start." At being uptight and pissed off.

Narita Airport. Justin says it's 4:30 in the morning, which is odd because Google Maps tells me it's only about a two-hour drive from where they were. It probably goes faster if you know where you're going, though. Gary and Mallory are also pulling in, as are the Globetrotters. They all look worn out after a long night of driving. Speaking of long nights of driving, Kent and Vyxsin are still en route, with her navigating uncertainly from the back seat. After a turn that takes them nowhere, Vyxsin admits to being at a total loss. "Well, you don't need to be our navigator, then," Kent declares, although I don't see him offering to switch places and let her drive. Vyxsin launches into what looks like an actual panic attack, while a relatively calm Kent tries to get them at least going in the right direction, even if they can't find a highway. So maybe it wasn't just a false start after all.

Ron & Christina, Kisha and a sleep-scowly Jen, Team Go Team, the Cowboys, and Team ASL have all arrived at the airport. "The only team that we haven't seen yet is Kent and Vyxsin," Cord tells us once everyone's in the otherwise abandoned terminal. Oh, we've seen them. It's not pretty.

And speaking of those two, Vyxsin is continuing to lose it, crying and apologizing but managing to keep it together enough to give Kent his props for finding the highway to Tokyo. Yikes, someone needs a nap.

The sun comes up over Narita Airport at 6:30 AM, and the leading eight teams are checking in to that required flight, which is required and mandatory. Jaime points out, "The flight's another three hours from now." So as usual, the Amazing Editors' heroic efforts to make it look like the Goths will miss the flight are just that, editing, right? Justin maintains that the million-dollar question is the whereabouts of Kent and Vyxsin. "It really is a million-dollar question," Zev agrees. "Either they're at a kabuki show or super, super lost." Actually, it's kind of both.

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