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Zev and Justin board the bus to Old Town. Zev is feeling bad about getting stuck, and Justin says they'll just keep the other team behind them. "At least you didn't give up on it." Let's not even bring up the fact that they may be in danger of coming in ninth for their second Amazing Race in a row.

Back in Old Town Li Jiang, teams are still hammering candy. Several of them get the okay to move to the cutting boards, but Ron is still snacking on the stuff. "Just stop," Christina grits at him, stopping just short of sending him to the corner for a time-out. Using cleavers, they whack the candy into squares and stick it into plastic bags. Margie and Luke finish and get their clue first, and learn that they're going to the Pit Stop, at long last. They need to make it to the center of the city, the top of Lion Hill, which is where they'll find a place called "Eternal Tower," a five-story pagoda. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil warns. As he does.

Jet and Cord are on their way there in second place, with Gary and Mallory in third. Jen and Kisha are in fourth place, and Christina is trying to get the candy cut and bagged despite Ron's help. He's so hopeless that she finally tells him, "Take a deep breath and let me do this please," adding as he backs away, "You're so ungraceful." That's not nice. I prefer to use the phrase, "I need to see better listening from you, please." It never works, but it plays better in public. Ron gets the clue, and while he's trying to open it, Christina mutters, you're so ridiculous. Ron, "That's because we--" Christina: "Shhh!" And having shushed him, she completes his well-earned infantilization by ordering him to get dressed. And of course he's still stuffing candy in his mouth instead of putting his backpack and jacket back on. "Stop eating, get dressed. You can eat at the Pit Stop!" Man, anyone who's ever been a parent can totally relate to Christina right now.

The Globetrotters are tandem-carrying their horn down the street, with Big Easy blowing on it until Flight Time, carrying the bell end, comes to a sudden stop to ask for directions. Bye-bye, Big Easy's teeth. While they're bent over a map with a local a moment later, a little girl comes over and sticks her face into the bell of their horn and goes "Bppptpttph!" Thanks for that dose of local-generated randomness, young lady.

Jaime and Cara arrive at the candy task and have some hand/glove trouble. Zev and Justin get to the prayer wheel. "I'm a Goat, you're a Dog," Justin says, apparently the teams official zodiac-keeper. They make their wishes and get their clue, still in eighth place. They decide to do Horn and "get out of [t]here before Kent and Vyxsin show up." Judging from the way he pronounced it, I don't think Justin is aware that Kent is not Kynt any more. But it's not like he's paid to care.

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