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Going, Going, Goths

Big Easy: "I'm a Rooster." Flight Time: "I am a Dragon." At long last, the judge smiles and gives them their clue in seventh place. "That was terrible," Flight Time says. They decide on Horn for the Detour. "Let's lead the people," Flight Time agrees. That does seem about their speed.

Teams are on their way to their Detours. Gary/Mallory and Luke/Margie are running in a clump, but Ron is asking Christina if he can get a yogurt. "No, after the task," she says. But then he stops at a stall where someone's frying live fish, and he wants to get some. "Three for a stick," he argues, like it's the money that's the issue. She cajoles him along while he whines about a side ache and asks, "Can we take the tram?" "No!" she snaps, sounding exactly like me when I'm in a hurry to get errands done and my six-year-old son is insisting on getting distracted by everything we pass. Odd, that.

The other teams get to the candy-pounding task and watch the demo for a bit before getting started. Lumps of sticky, molten, nut-studded caramel or nougat are dumped out of a hot wok onto stumps with what looks like crushed nuts already on them. Now they just have to pound it flat with the big mallets while it cools. "I needed to pay my dues and make some candy for a change, all the candy I eat," Mallory says, again getting herself mixed up with some overweight person. Jet/Cord, Kisha/Jen, and Ron/Christina arrive and join the pounding, although Ron keeps stopping to eat it while Christina scolds him. My six-year-old is the same way during baking.

At the square, Jaime takes one look at the big horn and decides "there's no way," apparently thinking she'll have to carry it by herself, so they go back to the candy. And it's not like Cara's going to argue, because she never argues, which is why she's still alive. Zev and Justin are waiting for the gondola, "Just trying to stay in front of Kent and Vyxsin right now, that's all." Not losing to a team who left Tokyo six hours after you did? Lofty goal.

Fortunately for them, Vyxsin has completely dropped her proverbial basket. "I just never thought of myself as a stupid person until this race," she sobs. I think I can leave that one alone. Team Asperger's boards the gondola while Vyxsin freaks out and Kent shivers helplessly on the sidelines. You never want to be the team whose trials trigger the suspenseful ad break twice in one episode.

Some rapid-fire editing of multiple shots of charms bring us back, where Vyxsin is still crying and Kent tells us their only hope is catching up with Justin and Zev. Vyxsin finally finds a charm hanging below the walkway, and kisses it before heading back to the gazebo to get to work.

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