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The Globetrotters and Ron/Christina arrive at the clue box. Turns out there's another Ox/Rooster team, although in this case it's the parent who's the Ox. In case anyone cares. The Cowboys are here as well. Christina slides hers and Ron's into the respective slots, incanting, "Ooooox" and "Roosterrrrr." They opt for Hammer as well. "Cord wished for world happiness," Jet says, and apparently they've been to enough Chinese restaurants to know that their signs are Monkey and Dog. I thought I was a Dog, but my birthday comes before the Chinese New Year so I'm actually what comes before Dog. It's my own personal Ophiuchus crisis all over again, and I'm equally distraught about it. Flight Time slides in a wish while calling out, "Monkeeeey!" But the guy next to the prayer wheel shakes his head. "Well, first of all, I just wish I knew what my zodiac sign was," Flight Time interviews after the fact. He also tries, "Gooooat! Hooooooorse! Snaaaaake! Dragoooooon! Rabbiiiiiiiit! Tigerrrrrrr!" The poor judge is going to shake his brain loose with all the negative responses. All this hollering is also leading Jen/Kisha and Jaime/Cara right to them. Flight Time tries, "I'm a snake." Head-shake. Jena and Kisha quickly get their clue in fifth place, opting for Hammer. Jaime and Cara are Horse and Dog, respectively. They get their clue in sixth and go for Hammer. Flight Time: "I'm a tiger." "Big Easy: "I'm a snake?" Flight Time: "I am a Goat. I am a Rooster." Head shake. Awkward pause. "I am a Goat," again. Well, points for persistence. And did that guy really have to show up for this gig knowing the Chinese zodiac signs of eighteen people he'd never met before?

Back at the grove, Zev thinks he's done, but the judge doesn't even bother getting up to wave a negative at him. And Vyxsin is on her second meltdown of the leg. Although, since they've been running this leg for two days, it's really only her first one since yesterday. Zev realizes that he has two goats, so he heads out in search of a horse to replace one of them. Vyxsin is still searching empty-handed, talking about how frustrated she's getting. Finally Zev gets done and earns his clue. Kent and Vyxsin look separately dismayed at watching their best chance to catch up slip away. Meeting up again and running back to the gondola, Justin tells Zev, "I know, that was terrible, but you stuck it out." They're just happy to be out of there and off to Old Town in eighth place.

Which leaves Vyxsin freaking out some more. "That little pink kitten is trying her best," Kent says from under his sweatshirt hood with ears on it. She's crying and not getting it and sorry and come on, maybe let Kent do something if you can't keep it together.

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