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Zev is running through the order of the charms he's hung (the others seem to have been taken down, so no cheating), which is completely random. This is actually easier than I've been describing it, because each charm hangs from a ribbon of a different length, meaning that if they're in the correct order, they descend evenly as they spiral around. But then Zev has Asperger's, not OCD. During this time, Vyxsin has collected nine of the twelve. "How about now?" Zev asks the judge, who has gone ahead and made himself comfortable on the bench. It's not like he has to be standing up to repeatedly say no.

Now to Old Town Li Jiang, which is a picturesque world of canals, pagodas, bicycles, and really ancient people. I guess that's why they call it Old Town. Gary and Mallory hop off their bus, but Margie and Luke are the first team to actually find the clue box next to the prayer wheel in the square. "What's your sign?" Margie reads from the clue. Turns out the prayer wheel has twelve sides, one for each animal of the Chinese zodiac. Each re-racer will write down a wish, slip it into the slot over the animal for their sign, and get the next clue. Margie finishes reading, "You must verbally announce your sign as you place your wish into the slot." Sorry, Luke. At least he knows he's an Ox, but when Margie asks what her sign is, he doesn't know. Who knows someone else's Chinese zodiac sign unless they're a multiple of twelve years younger or older? Gary and Mallory catch up, and Mallory writes down her wish. I'm not going to recap them, or they might not come true. Coincidentally, both teams are made up of Rooster parent and an Ox child. On to the Detour!

Walking across a bridge over a narrow canal, Phil tells us they'll have to "learn how to control one of two things synonymous with the Naxi people." The who now? I guess they must be our hosts up here on Jade Dragon Mountain. Anyway, the choices are "Hammer" and "Horn." For the former, they'll have to use long-handled wooden mallets to smash molten nut candy on a flat tree stump. Once it's properly flat and cool, they'll cut it up and get their next clue from the little bald confectioner. For Horn, they go to a town square and pick up a horn that looks to be about twenty feet long when fully extended (that's what she said). Carrying this, they'll have to lead a group of dancers to the steps of Wengchang palace to get their next clue. Both lead teams are going for the candy, and since even Google Maps can help me find neither of those other two locations just mentioned, I can't really blame them.

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