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Kent and Vyxsin get off the gondola at the top of the mountain. Zev gives his wind-clump a spin and asks, "How about now?" Not what they're looking for. "I hope Kent and Vyxsin are way back there somewhere," Justin says, which is the best way to conjure another team as from the very aether. Sure enough, they show up at the clue box. Justin acknowledges their arrival only by hollering, "Hey Zev! Look!" Zev is too deep into the task to even care right now. Vyxsin is taking this Road Block, which for her this leg makes mistake number...shit, I don't even know any more. As Vyxsin heads in, Justin rather aggressively demands, "What happened to you guys, Kent?" Kent lies that their car broke down. "So the flight that you took was not the flight that you were supposed to take," Justin clarifies, cutting to the core issue that, going by the look on Kent's face, has not occurred to him until this very moment. They've been in panic mode so long, trying to catch up and keep Vyxsin from having an aneurysm, they probably haven't had time to think ahead to what Phil's going to say next time they see him. Kent tries to play it off in a post-leg interview, comparing the lie to a poker bluff, but I think he's just stressed out and too embarrassed to tell the truth. While Vyxsin is searching the charms, Justin admits to us, "I'm starting to panic a little bit." It's good that he told us that, because Justin panicking looks like Justin normal. Vyxsin is trying to get a clue by looking at Zev's work in progress, which is a bad idea on all levels, not the least of which is his angry objection to her doing so.

Ron and Christina seem to have gotten their trolley driver to turn around, but Ron's hollering angrily and incoherently, "Now we're gonna get screwed because we're gonna go up there, we're gonna waste about a good 45 minutes on this thing." Then Ron spots a bus going the same direction they're going and completely loses his shit. I don't even know what he's yelling now. Fortunately Christina sees a marked bus meeting them. Ron bellows at their driver in Mandarin, but Christina is already off the trolley while it's still moving, landing flat on her ass and squashing any breakables in her backpack. She hollers down to the other bus, which is the one the Globetrotters are on. They tell their driver to stop, probably to make up for that Amazing Purse mistake of the previous leg, which I thought they'd already been forced to make up for. Ron's off the trolley now, too, throwing a rock at the other bus, which is now below them on the next leg of a switchback. Because if you want a bus driver to stop and wait for you, you should demonstrate the kind of behavior he wants to see on his bus. Also, it looks like Ron came pretty close to pegging Christina from behind when she unwisely crossed his line of fire. Despite Ron's tantrum, the Globetrotters get their driver stopped, and they wait while Christina and Ron run down the embankment to jump on, Christina gushing her thanks. Big Easy says they couldn't have left them like that (again), but Flight Time stares straight ahead, looking unhappy. Which for him is the equivalent of yelling incoherently and throwing rocks.

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