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Going, Going, Goths

At least the Goths are still somewhere behind them. But in case you had any lingering doubts as to whether the yak-riding task was too easy, the fact that Vyxsin is completing it uneventfully should put them to rest.

Justin is beginning to wonder what's taking Zev so long. Vyxsin's back on dry land, and she and Kent open their clue sending them to the gondola. They jump on and start the ride up while Zev continues searching. Vyxsin points out that since they haven't done a Detour or a Road Block yet this leg, "Maybe some teams are still doing one or two of those things?" Hell, we don't even know what the Detour is yet. And Zev still has yet to finish the Road Block. "Move your feet, dude, we're in a race here, "Justin calls from the sidelines, as impatient as we've ever heard him. Instead, Zev smacks a clump if charms, sending them rattling in suspenseful pre-ad slow-motion.

Back from the break, Zev still seems overwhelmed, but soon finds a rabbit charm and yanks it free so roughly he's lucky he didn't pull the overhead trellis down with it. He heads over to the gazebo and just hangs them all in the same big tangled clump he's been carrying them around in. "Like this?" he asks the judge, clearly over this task already. When the judge shakes his head, Zev snaps, "Whaddya mean, no?" Justin hollers at him not to get frustrated. Too late for that.

On the gondola, Vyxsin remarks to Kent, "We're flying under the radar." Actually, you're flying behind the radar. In any case, it's an ironic moment to make that remark, because Jet and Cord spot them on the way down. "Uh-oh," Cord says. I'd ding Kent and Vyxsin for making themselves so visible to other teams, but at least they're not wearing giant cowboy hats.

Gary and Mallory get to the bottom and board a marked bus which takes off as soon as they get on. Mallory's glad to be in first. They talk about how nice it is to have the Express Pass, not that they've used it, and she says, "We're having a lot of fun, me and my dad, in China." Margie and Luke get on a marked shuttle bus as well. But when Ron and Christina get off the gondola, they run over to some open-sided trolley that is not marked. The Globetrotters, on the other hand, get on the right bus. Christina says as they're riding along, "I don't think this is right." Ron just wants to "see where it goes," like that's a valid strategy. I think he's maybe hoping they'll get dropped off at a food court. Cara/Jaime and Jen/Kisha are also getting on a bus as Christina insists to her dad, "This is not a bus. Buses have doors." She gets the driver to stop, and he tells them, "You should take a bus." Good advice, that.

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