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Wooden Shoe Like to Play Some Golf?

"We look like some buffoons," Big Easy says, as he and Flight Time pedal along. At least he's the guy.

Maria and Tiffany have now earned a little graphic on the screen for their mounting number of attempts at the high striker: "Attempt 27." Ouch. And it's not getting any higher. Maria is still not even hitting the thing half the time. So they decide to bail. Tiffany interviews, "We thought, oh, hittin' some golf balls. Could be pretty easy." The Amazing Editors cut away before we can realize she's being ironic.

Gary swings what Matt calls his "30-wood," and they're on their way down the course, even if one of them did leave a clog behind. Outside the dance hall, Flight Time takes aim and dings the bell. They proceed into the building and pick instructors. "As Globetrotters, we have dance routines during the show," Big Easy explains. They start their lessons, which I suspect will be different from what they usually do at their games.

Meghan and Cheyne clatter up to the mat and Phil tells them, "You're not team number one, but you're team number two." They'll live with it. And maybe the brothers will swap their new sand buggy for one of Meghan and Cheyne's trips.

Brian is still bucking Ericka up as they reach the windmill at last, and decide to do the dance.

Wearing lifejackets, Maria and Tiffany enter the creek as gracelessly as possible and start flailing across on their backs. Too bad they don't have a dinghy for Tiffany to row.

Gary makes his and Matt's eighth shot for the first hole, but the wind foils them. "Lookin' good in your undies," Tiffany tells Maria as they walk to the golf course and see Matt and Gary still there. They have to wait as Tiffany first tees off, then swings so hard she loses her club. Maria manages to hit the ball to about where Tiffany's club landed, which is not a good sign. "This is not regular fricking golf," Tiffany complains, apparently under the impression that she signed up for The Regular Fricking Race (the Game Show Network, Wednesdays, three in the fricking morning). Gary and Matt seem to be off to a better start, though.

Brian and Ericka, now all dressed up, come out of the windmill and walk right past the bicycles that are lined up waiting to carry them to their next destination. The editors keep zooming in on the abandoned bikes as they clomp down the street on foot, complaining about their feet. Oh, no, this is definitely not how you catch up.

"This is not golf! We don't golf with wooden sticks that look like shoes!" Maria carps. Matt and Gary are way ahead of them. "My dad is not going to be proud of me when he watches this," Maria adds. But Gary and Matt finish their first hole. Team Inside Straight fails to make par in the their first hole, and Maria suggests switching back. Tiffany says they "can't hit that thing, and you can't so we gotta focus on this." Yes, they should fail at one thing at a time.

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