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Sam and Dan climb out of the creek. Back at the church, Brian and Ericka finish their little walk around the village square and he sends her back in with a kiss. "Do not quit until the very end." Then she can quit.

Meghan and Cheyne have indeed very much gotten the hang of this, because they finish their third hole in six shots and get their Pit Stop clue. At this rate, they'll only have to ride three-quarters as long as Sam and Dan to get to the Pit Stop.

Team Inside Straight bikes to the Farmer's Dance event, yodeling because apparently that's what you do. When they arrive, they read the clue saying they have to take turns with the high striker. Tiffany goes first, but her attempt falls far short. Maria does even worse, missing the little button entirely. Tiffany makes a few more tries, but never gets much higher than halfway. They don't even bother showing Maria's "attempts" during this period. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters decide to dance.

Ericka talks herself up, saying, "Everybody else did it, I can do this." Well, Tiffany didn't, technically. When she finally presents herself to the carillon player, he obviouses, "You're laughing." "I already cried, you just didn't see that part," she tells him. But this time she has 62, so she gets a clue, and a big hug from Brian at the bottom. "We're not done yet," he says as they leave the church, very much in last place. In the car, she's repeating her wish not to be eliminated. Brian bites his nails as he drives. Yes, he can try to make it a nailbiter, but they are not catching up unless someone else self-destructs in a big way, and I'm just not sure that's in the cards.

Sam and Dan have reached the harbor, and there's Phil at the mat, with an old bearded guy dressed in a watch cap and striped boatman's shirt like he just walked out of a Hemingway story. It's still so windy that Phil looks like he's wearing his hair in a neat side-part. He teases Sam and Dan, "You guys like dressing up like this?" "We're not that kind of gay guys," Sam assures him. If they're regretting coming out when they did, they're doing a good job of hiding it. Phil tells them they're team number one, and tells them they've won a sand buggy. That'll be handy in Kansas City. They interview that it was nice to finally win a leg, and to break Cheyne and Meghan's streak.

Speaking of them streaking, they're back on the right side of the creek as Meghan says it's hard to get dressed again when all wet like this. Gary and Matt roll up, and Meghan|Cheyne are gone by the time Pinky and the Brain are down to their underwear, which Gary wonders how he's going to keep his on while swimming. Indeed, his flannel pants look like they're about to fall off him just standing there. Nothing for it but to jump in and hope for the best, and count on the CBS pixellators if all else fails.

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