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Wooden Shoe Like to Play Some Golf?

Maria has to stuff her clogs with straw and chase a spider away before she can put them on. "Maria for once was the man in the relationship," Tiffany informs us, explaining why she ended up wearing the female costume. They get cycling. "Who are we right now?" one of them wonders. "Like, who are we?" Oh, just think about how many cards you could stash in those outfits.

Ericka comes out of the church tower, tearful in her frustration. His arms still hidden away in his t-shirt, Brian walks over and tells her to take her time. She says she's not giving up, but they'll take a five-minute break. Is that how you catch up? I don't think it is, is it?

Sam and Dan finish their second hole in eight shots. Meanwhile, Meghan is struggling with the golfing and getting --wait for it -- frustrated! "Pretend it's baseball but it's on the ground," he advises. He's going to be on the ground in a minute. She complains to the camera after another failed attempt, but Sam and Dan have finished their third hole, so Phil says they'll now have to bike to Zoutkamp Harbor, the Pit Stop. The last team to check in may be eliminated. And without giving too much away, I can say that this is one of those weeks when the "may" turns out to be used advisedly. Sam and Dan look for where to swim back, while Meghan and Cheyne shank out again. She? Is frustrated!

After the ads, Meghan and Cheyne take another crack at it. One drive on the second shot goes directly over the camera, which must have been kind of alarming for that camera operator. Cheyne interviews that it took them a while to get it, but she did, and on this latest attempt, they finish the first hole in six shots. I think she's figured out that the key is to hurl her entire weight into just hammering that sucker. She even loses her balance at one point, and she really doesn't strike me as a balance-losing kind of girl. Sam and Dan are crossing the stream again, saying, "I hope that dance wasn't too easy." Or the striker. Or the herring. Or whatever other random unrelated crap someone felt like throwing in there.

Matt watches an instructor teach his dad how to dance, when suddenly he notices two things: one is a plate of gray, greasy herring being dished up, and the other is the clue sheet in his hand. He goes over to show it to Gary. "I don't really like fish," Matt interviews, explaining why they decided to switch tasks at this point. "We're not dancers," Matt claims as they take off. Yeah, that's it. I suddenly feel even worse that the only time he's left the U.S. before this was to go fishing.

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