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Wooden Shoe Like to Play Some Golf?

Ericka finishes another round of bell-counting, but since she's only up to 56, she's got to start over. "I just don't want to go home on account of bells," she interviews sadly. What would she like to go home on account of, then? Brian is sympathetic from down below. "She's gotta be close," he repeats. Well, she's closer than she was.

Sam and Dan get on their bikes, yodeling really badly and struggling with their dresses. Meghan is still worried about the golf, Cheyne tells her she'll be fine, but at least they can each agree that the other looks cute. Gary and Matt are also on their bikes. We don't hear how cute they think each other are.

Tiffany and Maria have just opened the Detour clue and are making a fateful decision. "I think I'm good enough at both," Maria says. She will actually turn out to be equally good at both, which is not quite the same thing. She wants Tiffany to make the choice, because now Tiffany has to make all the decisions in addition to doing all the work. In any case, they go for the dance option. For now.

Flight Time and Big Easy are pulling up outside the windmill. Back at Martinitoren, Ericka's going nuts. Sam and Dan reach the signpost pointing to the different Detour options, and the hand-painted "Farmer's Game" sign pointing to the right is actually indicating a patch of gravel right here by the canal. They strip to their long johns and jump in with their microphones still strapped to their chests. Apparently the water's quite cold, going by a scientific scale that measures complaining, and they're about halfway across when Meghan and Cheyne pull up, strip, and jump in. Both teams have their shoes and unknown other items clutched tightly in plastic sacks. Sam and Dan start golfing, which, since it's Sam and Dan, also involves a lot of yelling at each other about how hard to hit the ball. But Meghan and Cheyne do even worse, shanking it off the course so Meghan has to hop a fence to retrieve the ball. Sam and Dan complete their first hole in eight strokes, so they're in good shape. They start the second hole yelling happily instead of angrily, which I guess is a change for the better.

"We're gonna finish what we started and we're going to finish strong," Brian says. Since Ericka's latest guess is 57, that's somewhat in question.

Gary and Matt arrive at the dance hall, and Matt easily rings the bell. Then they enter the dance hall, and there's a whole introductory montage, with similarly-dressed Dutchpeople dancing around to loud accordion music. Cut to an "interview" clip of Matt and Gary just laughing. I love it.

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