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Flight Time and Matt take this on when their respective teams arrive. Team Inside Straight arrives in fifth, and as usual, Tiffany's doing it. "You can do it, Tiffany!" Maria hollers after her. As always, the part that goes unspoken is, "because I'm sure as hell not about to!"

So there are five racers already in there when Brian and Ericka arrive, and he drafts her to do this one. I guess he figures that she hasn't done a Road Block since Vietnam, so he'd better give her this one lest the next one includes water, heat, math, or anything else she doesn't do. Not knowing that this one has math, of course. She gets started, panting to herself, "Count... all of the bells... in the tower. I have no idea what I'm doing." That's a fantastic sign, right there. She's immediately overwhelmed by all the atmosphere. But it's too late; even if they could switch this one back to Brian, she's going to have to fail a lot more Road Blocks later in the race if she doesn't fail this one now.

Meghan and Sam have reached the top of the tower, and are making their way around the catwalk, Matt literally popping up from a trap door between Meghan's feet at one point. He quietly counts to himself while Meghan and Sam's attempts to talk to each other are suddenly and rudely cut off by a loud, tuneless burst of carillon playing, courtesy of the dude banging on the primitive keyboard somewhere in the bowels of the church. While they're busy trying to communicate, Matt quietly finishes counting, ducks back down through the trapdoor, finds the carillon player, and hands over a sheet of paper with "62" written on it. The dude riffles through his sheet music (which he clearly does not know how to read) to give Matt his clue, and now he and Gary are in the lead as they reunite on the ground floor. Phil tells us that the next project is to drive to the seaside town of Vierhuizen De Marne, and find their next clue near a windmill. Because they're in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they're lost before they even get back into their car, so they have to ask a cabbie for directions. Their lead will not last long at this rate.

Sam and Meghan have also come up with the correct number somehow, and they get their clues. They meet Tiffany coming up, and when she asks if they got the number right, Sam immediately blurts, "62." He claims afterward that he whispered it, but even if he hadn't, Tiffany loudly repeats, "62?!" so Meghan's onto him anyway. Sam maintains afterward that it was a smart move, "'Cause they're a team that we can beat." Tiffany gets to go straight to the carillon player as the brothers and Meghan and Cheyne open their clues in second and third place respectively. When Cheyne hears what Sam did, he's like, "Aw, Sam, you told the girls? Come onnnn!" Apparently he's not as confident as Sam is in his ability to beat them. To Meghan and Cheyne, Sam claims he just got nervous. But they quickly move past it and decide to split a taxi driver to lead them to the next clue. On their way out, they pass Gary and Matt, who are still getting directions. Told you that lead wouldn't last long.

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