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Wooden Shoe Like to Play Some Golf?

Then it's dark, and soon there's an amazing Red Line heading all the way up to Amsterdam. With all the teams on the same flight, of course. At the airport there, everyone rushes to the parking ramp to get behind the wheel of one of the Mercedeseseses waiting there for them. Brian has trouble getting his car into gear. "Oh, these kids aren't used to luxury cars," Tiffany remarks, sounding like Rich Uncle Pennybags all of a sudden. But all of the teams get out of the ramp and into the murky dawn, save the Americas, who are quickly getting frustrated with each other and the way they're continuing to literally go nowhere. Finally, Brian spots a guy who's willing to come help him, (but not to have his face shown unblurred on-camera), and he gets it in gear. Still, Brian is frustrated as they head out, now in dead last. Ericka yells, "Stop tripping out! You know you dictate my mood, and you know I have a shorter fuse than you." He tells her to calm down. If he really does dictate her mood, that should work.

It's full daylight by the time the monument comes into view for the lead teams. They have to park and walk over a pedestrian bridge to get to the statue. It's so windy there that even the statue's carved coat looks whipped by the gusts from the sea. Wind is going to be something of a theme in this episode, which I guess shouldn't be surprising given that the Netherlands are famous for wooden shoes, tulips, Calvinism, and windmills, and there aren't many tulips in this leg. Meghan and Cheyne are the first to read the clue telling them to drive to the city of Groningen and find Martinitoren, a cathedral that is also the highest building in town and which also houses a clue box this leg. Sam and Dan are in second, with the Globetrotters in third, Gary|Matt in fourth, and Team Inside Straight in fifth. Everyone gets back in their cars and is on their way before the Americas even show up. Speaking of whom, Flight Time remarks, "If we don't know anybody's name on the race, we know Brian's, because we've heard a lot of 'Brian! Brian!'" Hee.

Finally they get to the monument, and as Brian hurries over to the bridge to the statue, she snaps, "Brian!" Awesome. They're on their way, but still in last place. At least Brian can get his car in gear by himself now.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan and Cheyne reach Martinitoren first, with the brothers close behind. Maybe if you're looking for a place that will be difficult for the racers to find, the tallest building in town is not the best option. The Road Block question is, "Who's got strong legs and keen eyes?" Phil narrates, "For over five centuries, the Martinitoren has boasted the best views of the city of Groningen." Which sounds like the introduction to one of those tasks where you get a pair of binoculars and a patch of railing, but this search is going to be directed more inwardly. Specifically, they have to climb the staircase and wander the floors of the church's tower to count all of the bells that comprise the church's carillon. If they correctly count to 62 (because that is the number of the bells), the carillon player gives them their next clue. Meghan is taking this one, as is Sam, so they decide to work together. Or at least Sam does. "Glad I did the Stairmaster at home," he says as a Blair Witch-cam follows him and Meghan up tight, dark, winding spiral stairways. They count 13 on one floor and proceed on. I'm really not seeing how sharing a counting task with someone else is more efficient. But maybe Sam had to leave his calculator down on the ground floor with Dan and doesn't have any choice.

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