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Indeed, the brothers do rip open their clue at 3:10 PM, and are pretty thrilled to be heading to Amsterdam. Sam solo-interviews that his degree is in anthropology, and he's is ready to see the world. "It's what I want to do for the rest of my life." Between his comment and Tiffany's, this is like a round of dueling jinxes. Dan claims that Sam's book-smart, whereas Dan is street-smart. Okay. That must explain why they can't use a calculator or understand where the Persian Gulf is. I am clearly not reading the same books or traveling the same streets as them.

Brian and Ericka are leaving at 3:25, in fourth place. Ericka keeps calling, "Brian! Brian!" as she tries to catch up with him on the jog to the taxi stand. She solo-interviews that she knows she yells a lot, "and I hate it," but she hopes that recognizing the early signs can help them prevent any major blow-outs. Like her eyebrows aren't already a more effective early warning system than an air-raid siren. She's hoping for a big lead on the last two teams.

But Brian and Matt, the fifth-place team, are leaving at 3:34, so that's not such a big gap. In the cab, Matt tells us the race represents the first time he's been out of the country other than for a week of fishing in Canada. They bump fists at getting to rack up another continent, demonstrating more geographical knowledge in thirty seconds than Sam and Dan have done all season.

Thanks to their speedy cab driver, Sam and Dan reach the airport in second place, followed by Team Inside Straight, Mr. and Mrs. America, and Gary|Matt by the time Flight Time and Big Easy open their clue at 4:20 PM. That is a significant lag they'll have to make up. Let's hope for their sake that they'll be able to make it to the airport in seven hours. Big Easy says a lot of other teams would like to see them go, and he can't blame them. But obviously it hasn't happened yet. "Guess who's bizzack?" he inquires rhetorically of the passing scenery. Dubai's skyscrapers are like, "Whizzut?" Eventually they do catch up to everyone else, hanging out together at a group of tables in the airport concourse. Apparently this is the first time they've seen each other since the previous leg, so Big Easy tells everyone what happened with Mika and Canaan, and gets big laughs. "I didn't want to see her cry, but I didn't want to go home at the same time!" Big Easy says. I don't think anyone realizes how brain-locked Mika really was at the top of that slide, including Big Easy. Canaan still has no such excuse, however. Sam and Dan decide to take advantage of this warm, happy moment to come out. "They get everyone's attention, and Dan announces, "We are the token gay team." Everyone takes it really well, even the girls. "Now the matching swimsuits make sense," Brian comments. Dan blames their mom for that. Explaining to everyone that they generally don't come out right away when they meet people, Dan adds that even some family friends back home don't know. "They know now!" Ericka says. As for Team Inside Straight, Tiffany says it makes no difference: "They are still the most sweet and adorable and gentlemanly guys on this race with us." She claims not to care who they date, "Even if there's a little teardrop that it's not us." Yes, I called this totally wrong, but in my defense, as soon as this episode's previouslies referred to the brothers' flirting with Team Inside Straight, I knew there would be something going down tonight. "Should I tell Matt he's adopted now?" Gary wonders. Well, that would explain a lot.

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