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Wooden Shoe Like to Play Some Golf?

After having a commercial break to pull themselves together, Maria tells Tiffany, "You're my hero, and I've never heard you say you can't do something, so..." Tiffany makes a heroic 51st attempt, and it goes about as high as always. "I wish I could do that," Maria says. Which is encouraging, but the truth is that despite getting the little thingy to go about ten times higher, Tiffany's not getting them past this any more than Maria is.

Ericka tells Brian, "Something's not right." She is correct; they're still walking. She makes him read the clue again. "Oh, you gotta be shitting me," he groans upon complying. "Apparently there were some bikes we were supposed to pick up." They keep walking, Brian dealing with Ericka's complaints about her foot pain by saying his feet hurt too. "The least you could do is be compassionate," she yells at him.

"We're still racing! The Globetrotters are still racing!" Flight Time calls out as they bike up to the Pit Stop. "Flight Time and Big Easy?" Phil says. "You look ridiculous!": But they're happy to be team number three.

Gary and Matt have just finished the Detour, so I don't think it's any mystery who team number four will be as they read their Pit Stop clue.

Even the onscreen graphics have lost count of the number of attempts now, but at least Tiffany is getting the little weight to go up past the level of the braces. Brian and Ericka keep bickering. Tiffany makes an attempt that comes so close. Americas Bickering. After Attempt 71, Team Inside Straight, exhausted, decides to switch Detours. Again.

Gary and Matt are indeed team number four.

Team Inside Straight heads back across the creek yet again, in a bid to become the first Amazing Racers to succumb to hypothermia. Brian and Ericka get to the high striker, and Brian quickly dings the dinger. That's how you catch up. Over at the golf course, the wind seems to have picked up as Maria and Tiffany start over, "Weaker than we were before, and more freezing than we were before." Brian and Ericka are enjoying their dance lessons, but eight strokes of the golf ball don't get the poker chicks anywhere except to a place where Tiffany can look across the pasture they're playing in comment, "Look at the little cows!" Meanwhile, the dancing seems to be fixing all of Ericka and Brian's problems somehow. "That was the moment that I totally fell in love with him again," she says. Time to eat the herring. She takes it like a trouper. Apparently when they're this far behind, the list of things she "doesn't do" gets shorter.

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