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Now Phil comes off the information. "This is the Palm Jumeirah," he tells us over shots of the land... form, I guess you'd call it, that I described in last week's recap. He says it's "a man-made island off the coast of Dubai. Shaped like a palm tree, it is actually bigger than eight hundred football fields, and cost more than twelve billion dollars to create." Eight hundred football fields? Something wrong with saying "twelve square miles?" The twelve-billion-dollar construction cost is illustrated by a time-lapse clip of the main building of the Atlantis resort going up, which is nice, but I've seen buildings being constructed. I have not seen giant, fancifully-shaped peninsulas being artificially extruded into the Persian Gulf. That's what I want to see next time. Phil, still in his dorky sun hat from last week, reminds us that this was the sixth Pit Stop.

Meghan and Cheyne, who won the last leg, are leaving at 1:13 PM. They open their clue and Meghan reads, "Fly to Amsterdam." Phil adds that this is a 3,000 mile flight, and after they land they'll need to drive to something called the Afsluitdijk, which, as much as it looks like something I typed by dropping a salami on my keyboard, is described by Phil as "a 19-mile causeway that connects North Holland and Friesland." Yes, I've often wondered how people travel between those regions. Somewhere on that causeway is the "Lely Monument," a statue in the middle of the wide grass median with a clue box at its feet. Some cursory research (and not Phil) tells me that the statue is of Cornelis Lely, who was (who else?) the guy who built the causeway. One wonders if the statue was in his original plans. As they taxi to the airport, Cheyne interviews that the only way they know how to run the race is in the front. They can't help winning! They keep trying to fall behind but it's just not working! They are helpless in the face of their own speediness! "If there's a target on our backs, there's nothing we can do about it." Cheyne adds, as if this is one of those shows where people get voted off. They get to the airport before anyone else has even left the Pit Stop, but since the first flight to Amsterdam doesn't leave until midnight, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

Maria and Tiffany are leaving at 3:09 PM, which shows that Meghan and Cheyne certainly didn't squander their Fast Forward lead. Tiffany interviews that it's nice to be in second place, "But we've learned from poker, it's really, really easy to get comfortable...The higher up, there's a longer way to fall." Whatever, they're totally playing with house money now. Even in the cab, they're aware that Sam and Dan are probably only a minute behind them.

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