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Phuket Again

Andy and Tommy have spotted the putative Soap Island on the horizon, and can't help but notice that the rocks' profile matches the cutouts on their medallion. They coast up to the small boat tied up in the cove and grab a clue hanging from one of the ropes overhead. It's a Road Block, and the question is, "Who wants to be the king of the hill?" That's a pretty clear indication of what kind of task it's going to be, right there. Phil talks up the limestone cliffs on Thailand's many islands, one of which a racer from each team will need to climb, until they reach a bird's nest full of clues. The cliff's practically vertical, but it's plenty rough, at least. And although it looks high from this angle, there'll be lots of cliff still above them once they reach the nest. But has anyone considered what will happen to those poor clues in the nest once the racers touch them? Their mother will never take them back.

Jennifer and Justin are also closing in on Soap Island. The medallion-as-clue thing prompts Justin to make some more movie references: "We're coming for you, One-Eyed Willie! Goonies never say die!" They get their clue in second place, and Jennifer sighs, "I guess I can climb." But what about her bad knee? Maybe that's not slowing her down much after all, at least not as much has her bad attitude.

Back at the beach task, Cindy's trying to carry water up the beach in her shirt, which works as well as you'd think, on the theory that moistening the sand around the umbrella pole will make it more dense and thus able to hold it up. It works better when Ernie takes his shirt off, soaks the whole thing in the ocean, and wrings it out on the sand. Plus the ladies get to see Ernie shirtless. Meanwhile, Amani is indulging Marcus and his latest repetitive catchphrase, "Goin' crazy." Apparently Marcus is a big catchphrase guy. Bill and Cathi have two chairs left to retrieve, while Liz and Marie are completely stumped by their umbrellas. They interview that yes, they were lifeguards, but putting up the umbrella and chairs at the beach was someone else's job. Someone they have a lot more respect for now. Now they tell us. Sandy comes over to help them plant one, because helping another team is probably preferable to being around Jeremy in his current mood. Sure enough, when she returns to him, he criticizes her for putting their chairs too close together. Then he solo-interviews that they can learn from their experiences and improve their relationship. This immediately after whining to us that he had to do the whole task by himself. Nice. During the task, Sandy asks him to not be mad at her and stay positive. I'm not sure "stay" is the right word.

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