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Phuket Again

Back at Beach Preparation, the twins are still rifling through the storage shed while Cindy and Laurence work to arrange what their respective partners Ernie and Zac are hauling out. Laurence is taking no chances today, even confirming with Zac which notch the beach chairs are locked into. And one of the twins can't seem to even open her first chair, while locals at a nearby bar watch and laugh. Locals do love to watch and laugh at hapless Amazing Racers, don't they?

Out in the water, Jennifer and Justin are getting irritated with each other all over again as he keeps having to swim back and forth between the nursery and the drifting boat, while she expects him to hold onto the kayak. Finally she just gets bored with this nonsense and jumps into the water with the coral tray to help him load up the nursery, which works much better. They also catch a break in the form of their nursery fetching up against a rock so it doesn't drift any further. The task completed, they get back in their boat and snap at each other over the fact that they have to paddle over to the scuba diver who's holding their clue up out of the water. Meanwhile, Sandy ends up off her kayak, either accidentally or not, but it's safe to assume they didn't mean for their rack to start coming apart in the process. "We picked the wrong one," Sandy says. Jeremy tells her to stop complaining and joins her in the water, bringing the rack down with him in pieces. Even wearing a life vest, Sandy has already had enough of the choking waves, so they're headed back in. Bill and Cathi are having a similar experience, only with less snapping at each other, so he and Cathi are returning to land as well. Marcus's deteriorating nursery seems to be getting dragged out to sea, with him helpless to stop it, so he and Amani are just about done as well, especially when their kayak flips and dumps her in the drink. Paddling back, Sandy asks Jeremy if they should start over or switch, and he just yells, "I don't know!" Bill and Cathi are actually the first quitting team to land, and they head over to the other task, followed by Jeremy and Sandy, who appear to have made a decision. Amani and Marcus struggle to get back in their kayak and back onto land, where Marcus finally pants, "I've never been so tired and whipped, ever." So ocean kayaking and coral-planting is harder than professional football? Good to know. We leave them standing exhausted on the beach.

Back from ads, Marcus says that was one of the hardest things he ever tried to do, but Amani says it's okay and they head over to the beach shed. So out of five teams who attempted the coral task, only two succeeded. And one of them was lucky. Bill & Cathi find the storage shed as it's in the process of being ransacked, and Bill says, "This is gonna be a fine mess." They start sorting through the chairs that are spilling out onto the beach at this point. Also on the way over, Jeremy yells, "Sandy! Come here! Now!" She tells him not to talk to her that way, so he does it again. "I was shocked by that," she interviews. Well, Sandy, sometimes the race brings out the dickweed in people. Particularly in dickweeds. She offers to do the setting up while he pulls the chairs and umbrellas out. "I didn't really want to, but Sandy wanted to change to this," Jeremy complains to us as he starts tripping over chairs. And as if the current weren't enough to mess up this Detour, now the wind is getting into it, as beach umbrellas that were planted into the sand start blowing over. Liz & Marie get some more laughs from the locals while trying to put one up, and even more when another umbrella blows over and whacks one of them in the back of the head. Now the tears start. From the twins, not the locals. The locals are still laughing. But not hard enough to be crying. Yet.

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