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Phuket Again

Andy and Tommy's boat arrives at a tiny island about the size of a small neighborhood, and they hop off their boat next to a sign with arrows pointing helpfully to "Coral Reconstruction" (left) and "Beach Preparation" (right). Heading left, they soon find an example nursery that serves as a display of what to build, and they get right to work with a base, a pile of pipe segments, and a rubber mallet. Approaching the island, the twins boast, "This is our Detour. We were ocean lifeguards for two summers." So they spent a lot of time arranging beach chairs? I guess I'll keep watching my own damn kid at the beach then, thanks very much. Behind them, Marcus is amusingly trash-talking across the water to the siblings as their boats approach the shore. Liz and Marie hop off their boat and run right, to the open-fronted building marked "Beach Storage Shed." They start rifling through the chairs looking for ones that have a yellow fish on them like their clue does. "Hurry, we have to go fast," snaps one of them, I assume Marie. Justin and Jennifer make landfall, and in the shorts she's wearing today you can see her knee brace, which explains her earlier reluctance to do stairs. How long has that been on? Since she refused to run a couple of legs ago? Since before they started the race? Seems relevant. Maybe we'll learn one day. Amani and Marcus are also off their boat, while the snowboarders already have an efficient building system going. Jeremy and Sandy head for Coral Reconstruction, but when Laurence and Zac land, they completely miss the sign pointing the way to the different Detours and wander off to the right. This is what happens when you're used to navigating without signs, I suppose. Bill and Cathi arrive next, and as Cindy and Ernie pull up, Cindy says everyone got there at about the same time. "Really anyone's game at this point," she says. Spoken like a member of a last-place team. Laurence and Zac, the master navigators (just you wait), accidentally show up at the beach storage shed and decide to go with that rather than trying to find their way back to the coral task. Tommy and Andy are happy to be building a coral reef, as are Amani and Marcus, as she interviews that they pick tasks their kids are familiar with, like how they watched a TV show about the tsunami. "We didn't know how hard it would be, but we thought it'd be a way to give back," Marcus agrees. That seems to be kind of a theme this season, which I couldn't approve of more. It's nice to see The Amazing Race following a path of natural destruction and addressing it in some small way, rather than leaving a path of American-made destruction.

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