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Phuket Again

Jeremy and Sandy are rather surprised to find themselves the first team at the marina, given that "the guys" left the Pit Stop an hour before them. But the sign saying it's open at 8:00 is a pretty clear indication that they're in the right place anyway. It's also an indication that they're going to bed, like Sandy hoped, only on a stone floor rather than actual beds. Liz and Marie are the next to arrive, and they give their driver a big hug. Which I guess is of more use to him than the Indonesian rupiah they must have offered him instead of the Thai baht that's the only money currently in their possession, because he didn't charge them anything at all. And that's for a drive of at least fifty minutes, given that they didn't arrive until the other two teams had landed. The twins are appropriately grateful, and even more surprised that they got there before the two "lead" teams. Ernie & Cindy show up next, followed by Amani & Marcus, then Justin & Jennifer and Cathi & Bill, who must have made a pit stop along the way somewhere, because we saw them passing several teams who got here before them. I guess it can't be much fun running the Amazing Race with a 59-year-old prostate. Everyone has plenty of time to be surprised at the continued absence of Andy & Tommy and Laurence & Zac until they finally show up. "This game is so ridiculous," Cindy says. "It's so unpredictable." Put that in the promo.

Some twelve hours later, it looks like a beautiful morning at the marina, and everyone's awake and standing around on the back porch waiting for the official 8:00 AM opening time. They can see the big red barrel out on the end of the floating pier. As Justin says, "I don't think we're actually sure how we're going to get down there on the wobbly dock, but we're going to give it our best." Jennifer promises that she'll puke on a speedboat, a small fleet of which are tied to the beach. At 8:00, an attendant drops the rope stretched across the exit to the beach, and everyone runs down the sand to the water, with no regard whatsoever for order of arrival or even team cohesion, so thanks for filling up the entire first act with a lot of positioning info that ended up being completely irrelevant, show. The water's a few feet deep before the floating dock starts, so they all have to jump in, but Tommy lands on the platform surefootedly, allowing him to break free of the pack while the others are all still scrambling aboard. So that's their lead back already, and pretty decisively too. Back on the beach, while the others are still running for the clue, Andy opens the clue for a Detour.

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