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Phuket Again

Speaking of which, in Jakarta, the snowboarders jog through the terminal as Tommy says, "I feel like we've been here before." They and Laurence & Zac look for ticket counters, but it's Team Adventure who finds one first. The bad news is that the next flight to Phuket from Jakarta is full -- of Amazing Racers, of course, not that these guys know that yet. The snowboarders show up behind them and tickle the backs of their oblivious heads until Team Adventure gets tickets on a flight that'll get them to Phuket at 7:40 AM, nearly an hour after the teams who are "behind" them. The snowboarders get on the same flight, hoping for the best. Then an Amazing Blue Line representing the snowboarders and Team Adventure zooms up to Bangkok before bouncing back to Phuket, while the Amazing Red Line marking the other six teams goes directly to Phuket from Jakarta. Shots of gorgeous island scenery and wildlife, and then it's nighttime, as the first flight lands at 6:50 PM, in pitch dark. There's the usual race through the terminal to the taxi stand, where the dispatcher sets them all up with cabs. In the taxi with Jeremy, Sandy says they have no idea what's waiting for them at the marina, but "we're hoping when we get there, we're going to bed." Sounds likely. The twin in the purple shirt says, "Liz and I have all this Indonesian money" that they didn't exchange for Thai money. But they have a plan, which involves luck and prayer and Marie's "In Love With Thai" button. And, even better news: now I know Marie's the one in the purple shirt. There's a standard caravan-taxi race. Justin and Jennifer's driver promises them, "I fight for you." Good, now they don't have to. He passes Ernie and Cindy. But Bill and Cathi, who really kind of need to stop saying "chop-chop" in Asia, pass Ernie and Cindy as well while the driver karate-chops the horn, then passes the siblings and Team NFL as well. Sometimes I feel like Bill and Cathi are just one bad cabbie away from coming in last by four hours again.

The second flight, with the snowboarders and Team Adventure, lands in Phuket at 7:40, and the two teams head for the taxi stand, where they are dismayed to learn that the dispatcher already knows alllll about where they're going, because a bunch of other taxis already headed in that direction an hour ago. She finds their uniform dismay at hearing this even more amusing than I do, and I find their four-part harmony of "Ahhhhhh" pretty hilarious. After the ads, they're off into the night, with the snowboarders in last place. Quite a drop from first. How will they ever recover?

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