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Phuket Again

Also at 9:40, Jeremy and Sandy are leaving in third place. "We're going to Bucket," Sandy "quips." Jeremy solo-interviews that the race has brought out things they need to work on in their relationship. Then we see them debating how to catch a cab on a busy road, and Sandy says they're each learning how the other reacts to stressful situations. Whenever someone says that, the answer is always "poorly." Sandy says in the cab that she's always wanted to visit Thailand. "It's going to be foreign, though. Once again." What? How does she know that? I thought the racers weren't supposed to know what to expect?

Jennifer and Justin are leaving at 9:41 AM, right behind them in fourth place. They're already getting on each other's nerves, as Justin wonders whether to descend a hill using steps instead of the sloping road, and Jennifer says the steps would kill her. An entire Eddie Murphy routine just started playing in my head. Ernie and Cindy are also close behind, leaving at 9:42 AM, in fifth place. Both those teams get cabs at about the same time, and Cindy reveals that she and Jeremy were just in Phuket. What are the chances? With their fresh local knowledge, they should be able to navigate flawlessly!

Marcus and Amani start their leg at 9:46 AM, in sixth place. They interview that they have four kids (and one very patient babysitter, apparently), and hope to teach them perseverance while on the race. I'm thinking the babysitter will also learn perseverance during their absence.

Bill and Cathi, the grandparents, are leaving in seventh place at 9:56 AM. Cathi reminds us that they're almost thirty years older than the other teams (again, not counting Laurence), but they wake up every morning ready to go. "I think we're going to be here for a while," she says. But the race is about moving! Don't stay where you are!

Finally the twins, Liz and Marie, are the last team to leave, at 10:05 AM. They interview that their dad died suddenly of a heart attack in December, but they're sure he'd be happy that they're doing the race. He'd probably be happier to not have had a heart attack.

The middle of the pack, led by Jeremy and Sandy, are arriving at the airport as Sandy tells us that she thinks the other two teams have an hour lead, while the rest of them are pretty bunched together. I wonder where she's getting such good intel. Eavesdropping on her camera crew's cell phone calls, maybe? Ernie and Cindy marvel at how quickly they got to the international airport from the temple. Those two teams get to the same ticket window and learn about a 12:45 flight to Jakarta, from whence they'll proceed to Phuket. The siblings and Team NFL are arriving outside, as are the grandparents, and soon all six teams have the same flight, which will arrive in Phuket at 6:50 PM, according to the red subtitles. That's one advantage of missing the first flight: you have time to book all the way through as opposed to taking a leap of faith on the very next plane.

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