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Phuket Again

After the ads, Ernie spots the tall islands in the distance, and as they head in that direction, he sheepishly explains that he misread the compass and they were actually heading south. Which was a key plot point in the Dave Barry novel Tricky Business, but I'm not sure how it fits in with what we've seen of Ernie and Cindy's boat ride. I guess they're lucky they didn't end up back in Indonesia.

Liz and Marie are realizing that their chairs have to be moved. One of them (I assume Marie) screams at the other (I assume Liz) to start moving them. "We've been out here for like three hours!" Then they argue about whether it's better to yell or be nonchalant. My vote is that it's better to move the damn chairs.

Zac has retrieved the clue and is back in the boat with Laurence, and they use the map to plot their course to the Pit Stop. Oddly, though, the route Zac traces due west across the map is completely different from Jennifer and Justin's. Now, Zac has circumnavigated the globe, so he should know what he's doing here. But we know Justin and Jennifer got it right because they're already there. Yet Laurence interviews that what with Zac having sailed around the world, "We know how to plot a rhumb line. That's basic navigation." Okay, if he says so, but I had to look that term up and I'm still not sure I got it right, so maybe they're making this unnecessarily complicated. And then Zac tells the pilot they're going northeast, even though we just saw him decide to go west and the siblings clearly went northwest. Okay, it's impressive that Zac sailed around the world at such a young age. But it's less impressive if, as I'm beginning to suspect, he didn't mean to.

Ernie and Cindy have finally made it to the clue clothesline at Soap Island in sixth place, and he'll be doing the climbing. Back at the beach, the twins are finishing up and talking about how they need a new motto: "Pay attention to detail. It's screwed us over every time." Attention to detail seems like it would be important to identical twins who might want other people to be able to tell them apart. But they finally finish and get their clue, and one of them chokes up a little, although she pissily denies it when her sister asks if she's crying. "We already cried, I don't want to do that any more," the other one says. They get on their boat to head thirteen minutes north instead.

"It appears we gotta do a little rock climbing," Marcus says, by which he means Amani is going to do a little rock climbing. She doesn't seem too happy about it, either. She's getting strapped into her harness when Jeremy and Sandy arrive. She climbs up ahead of Jeremy and retrieves the clue, with Jeremy gaining on her. She gets back down and returns to the boat so she and Marcus can get to the Pit Stop. Jeremy soon gets his clue, and Sandy says she's proud of him. She's rather confused when Ernie and Cindy show up, seeing as how Team Control left the Detour before they did. "What happened?" Sandy asks Cindy across the water as Ernie scrambles to the climbing guides. Cindy explains how they pointed their boat the wrong way, and Sandy assures her that there are still two teams behind them, so they're good. Jeremy rejoins Sandy, and they're off to the Pit Stop in fifth place. Ernie is on his way up the cliff, and Cindy tells us, "We practiced rock climbing before we got here, so I know he's got it." Of course they did. At this point I'm actually looking forward to the first eating challenge, just so we can hear about how she and Jeremy practiced consuming large quantities of gross food.

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