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Phuket Again

Jennifer and Justin arrive at the village, and she spots the first sign directing them to the floating stadium, even though it's mostly hidden behind a birdcage. Clearly her eyes are as sharp as her tongue. They quickly find Phil, and are happy to hear they're team number two, although Jennifer claims it's been a rough day. "My measure of how rough it is," Phil says, "is whether you use your look." He asks Jennifer to deploy it, and she obligingly pulls a stone-cold bitchface, right on cue. Phil shows her his own, which is mostly eyebrow. "It takes practice, you'll get it," Jennifer encourages. Phil's thinking that probably would have been handy with Jonathan.

Ernie and Cindy are out on their boat, and Ernie says they're looking for something that matches the symbol on their medallion. There's a shot of a hand holding up the medallion to the horizon, with its exact match off in the distance right next to it in a way that seems impossible to miss. But I'm not buying that it's Ernie holding it, for reasons that will become apparent later. They spot some yellow canisters floating out in the water, but wisely pass them by rather than pulling up and hauling them out to search for clues.

However, Laurence and Zac have already arrived at Soap Island and retrieved their clue. Zac agrees to do the climbing Road Block.

Back at the beach, the wind is kicking up some more, blowing over the twins' umbrellas yet again. But Bill and Cathi's stay up, so they've finished the Detour in seventh place. Cathi gives the girls encouragement as they leave them to it, and suggests digging with a shell or something. So that's three teams who have helped Liz and Marie with "their" Detour. One of the twins reminds her weeping sister, "It's the beach. It's fun." Heh.

Ernie and Cindy are still zooming aimlessly across the ocean, looking for a race flag like it's going to be out in the middle of the water somewhere. Marcus and Amani are already at Soap Island, and Amani is agreeing to be king of the hill. Because, you might recall, Marcus hates heights. So does Laurence, as he says he's glad Zac's doing this when they get their first look at the cliff he's going to have to climb. Laurence admits that he gets vertigo even on level ground. Ernie and Cindy are still lost, but at least they've stopped, so they aren't speeding in the wrong direction any more. Jeremy and Sandy, now in fifth place, get the clue from where Ernie and Cindy are still trying to get to. Jeremy's going to be doing the climbing. The twins bicker about planting (or re-planting, more likely) another umbrella. Ernie and Cindy spot a boat with flags on it and go closer, only to find that they're not race flags. We leave them adrift in the middle of the ocean, in what Cindy calls "the middle of nowhere," like it's only a matter of time before they have to start eating each other.

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