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Phuket Again
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"Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes," Phil informs us like we were just in the middle of a conversation, "more than any other country in the world." Then we're back at the Buddhist temple at Borobudur, which Phil tells us was covered by volcanic ash and dense jungle for centuries. But now that it's back in daylight, it's both a place of worship and the start of the fourth leg in a race around the world. Two-fer! We waste no time getting started with the winners of the previous leg (and the leg before that): Andy and Tommy, whose starting time is 8:17 AM. They rip their clue and we learn that they'll fly north to Phuket, Thailand, which Phil describes as a "tropical playground." After they land, they'll race to the end of a floating pier at a marina, where a red-and-yellow barrel awaits with yellow clue envelopes strapped to it. Did the old free-standing clue boxes get put on a terrorist watch list or something? Tommy interviews that they want a "clean, legit first place" this time, reminding us of how much Laurence helped them during the last leg. They hop into a cab, and are pretty stoked about going to Thailand. That's a good snowboarder word, right? Stoked? I think it's right up there with "enthused."

Laurence and Zac take off at 8:28 AM, which means that if you don't count the fifteen-minute penalty they incurred, they got to the mat four whole minutes ahead of the snowboarders. Some of that can probably be accounted for by the time Tommy spent giving the solution to the Road Block to Amani and Marcus, which ended up making no difference to the latter team at all. Laurence interviews that they don't want to make the same mistake they made yesterday, which they won't unless there's another Detour with a limited number of buckets, "but this game is full of the unexpected, so if we make a mistake, make sure we're with another team." The key to winning the Amazing Race: drag someone else down with you. In their cab to the airport, Zac says he's never been to Thailand, and asks his dad if he ever has. Laurence doesn't think so. If you can't remember everywhere you've been, it's possible you're too well traveled. Unless Laurence has a story that was the basis for The Hangover Part II.

Andy and Tommy are already at the airport, where the woman behind the ticket window tells them there are no direct flights to Phuket, but they can catch an imminent flight back to Jakarta and figure it out from there. That sounds cool to them. Laurence and Zac are also at the airport, and the snowboarders send them over to the window where they got their Jakarta tickets. Both teams are on the 9:40 AM flight. Literally, they're on the plane before we know it, planning to get seats through to Phuket once they reach Jakarta. What could go wrong?

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