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Phil tells us that this is the only Fast Forward on the entire race. He doesn't say whether the teams are aware of this, but it seems like they'd infer it, given how late in the game it's appearing. Anyway, the teams have to go to "Fabio Studio" to take part in "a local seafaring tradition." I hope it's not modeling for the cover of a maritime romance novel. And no, the task is to get a tattoo. Seriously, it's described as "Get Tattoo," and since Hervé Villechaize is dead, there's no two ways about it. The tattoo will read "FF," which is inoffensive, short, and quick to do, I suppose, but still kind of Smurfy and lame in the end. I mean, it seems like they could at least have had the option of picking their own design out of a book or something. On the other hand, "FF" is a damn sight better than getting a tattoo of the Travelocity gnome, which I'm sorry to say I could see this show pushing. Anyway, Jen urgently asks what he wants to do, but Nate, without giving a reason, says he doesn't want to try the Fast Forward. It doesn't seem like Jen made much of a case, which is probably best, because she's right in theory but wrong in practice here. Right in theory, because they almost surely could leave now and make it to the FF first, which is no kind of waste because it's the only one, but wrong in practice, because I don't think either of them would want the tattoo unless they absolutely needed it to stay in the race. Jen may want to win a leg bad, but not that bad, I'm thinking, and not because she's a wuss or anything, because I don't think she is. It's just that it's a freaking tattoo. Does she really want ink in her skin reminding her of the time she ran a race with a guy with whom she may be breaking up in a matter of days? (Hey, I didn't start that.)

Elsewhere, TK thinks it's too risky to go for the FF, which doesn't seem right either, if Nate and Jen aren't going for it, but they did cut him off in the middle of that sentence, so maybe there was a qualifier there. Also, at least he'll be able to go up at the same time Nate does -- in fact, it looks like there are at least four pilots and ultralights, which is very odd, because that would leave the grounded team almost no choice but to go for the FF. They must really have wanted someone to get that tattoo. The instructor tells the boys that they'll be directing the pilots, as off to the side, Jen tells Rachel that she thinks it might have been a mistake not to do the Fast Forward, but Nate's a little stubborn sometimes. As she watches this now, her arm is like, "Stubbornness has its virtues, honey." The boys head up, and Jen calls to Nate that she loves him. Nate VOs that he felt like a bird up there, which, given the location, is probably better than feeling like, say, a hippopotamus. TK VOs that it was "thrilling" and "incredible."

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