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...because having the opposite of a comforting feeling are TK and Rachel, who have just discovered the absence of their clue. TK actually asks her if she got the clue back, but it looks like she was already trying to find it as she says "I...did," in a tone of voice that means more, "I don't actually remember getting it back, but I must have, because if I didn't, I'll never forgive myself." We've all been there, lady, but...not with a clue on The Amazing Race. TK notes that they don't even know where in Empoli they're going, and Rachel sighs that that's true. It's too bad they didn't think to ask their directions person what kind of place their destination is, because if they'd known it was an airfield in Empoli, they probably would have risked forging ahead. Of course, that would have made them the new Tara and Wil, so...maybe not. TK says that if they don't find it, they might be out of the race, in the same tone of voice he might use to note that his hair is getting a little scraggly. In other words: Not the same level of urgency as most people would have in that particular situation. They pull into a filling station and search the car.

Ron and Chris approach a fork in the road and follow the sign for Bologna, as do Kynt and Vyxsin. Both teams are very pleased with their progress. TK and Rachel are having no luck finding their clue, and TK says this is "very disappointing." Nick and Don follow the Bologna sign as well. Don: "Wake me up when we get there." Yes, rest up, Don. Your arm in particular.

TK and Rachel are getting more and more distressed, and there's a moment I love when Rachel asks if he checked his pockets, and he seethes (for him), "I don't have pockets." Hee. It's interesting -- he's not spazzing out like some people in this situation would, but he's not letting her off the hook either. I think he's not so much frustrated that she left the clue, but, given that it seems pretty clear that she was the designated clue-wrangler, that she's not owning up and taking responsibility, which is understandable. Not the absolute most charitable reaction he could have, but understandable. She says they have to go back, and he unceremoniously obliges, but in the car she still doesn't quite own it, saying instead that she's frustrated because she understands that they could be out of the race. TK tells her he just wants her to prepare for it, meaning, "No one's going to let you forget this." We push in on Rachel's twitching face before going to commercial.

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