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Meanwhile, Kynt is apparently a newbie at stick-shift driving (which is a million times better than not knowing how to do it at all, I will say, and if he learned it specifically for the race, big points to him) so Vyxsin offers to drive, as she owns a stick shift. She orders him to get the map out, and he obliges as he tells her to get on the road. Ron and Chris are sitting tight until they get some handle on their navigation, so they're in last at the moment. At a filling station, Jen has her glasses on, and she's unfolded a big map on the hood of their car as she, Nate, and a station attendant work on the directions. The attendant tells them to head for Forli, in the direction of Florence, which will take them to Empoli. He points out on the map that it's also possible to go through Bologna, but even from here it's clear that you have to go way north before turning back south, which the guy succinctly tells them is "no good." Now, we'll learn, not surprisingly, that the Forli route has its cons, but I am surprised that no one else even stumbled across it as an option, especially since, as Jen tells us again back in the car, that going to Bologna would mean going really far out of the way. It's like traveling two sides of a roughly equilateral triangle instead of one, if the map I looked at is to be trusted. Nate tells her he's glad she found that out, and calls her "babe." Meanwhile, Ron is telling Chris that it looks like going through Bologna is their best option. I'm thinking that they decided that they just want to stick to main roads and avoid any disasters, but I have to admit I still kind of don't get it.

Kynt and Vyxsin have stopped at the side of the road near what looks like a tollbooth and asked for directions, and a guy gives them the Bologna route. Since they're so full of fashion, style, and grace, I'm surprised he didn't just send them to Milan. Nick and Don get the same route at what looks like a convenience store, but elsewhere, at a sidewalk café, TK and Rachel are being told to head for Rome, but then to exit for Florence. It's not completely clear from the way she says it, but she doesn't mean that they head all the way to Rome and then go to Florence. And...look, just take a look at this map. The Rome route (looking like you go about a third of the way to Rome and then have a pretty straight shot to the Florence area) and the Forli route seem roughly like a toss-up, but this Bologna idea just doesn't make sense to me. And now I will shut up, because I sense I am boring you, and besides, something far more interesting is happening, as when TK and Rachel thank the woman and get up to go, they leave their clue behind. Have you seen the episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Edina leaves for the airport saying she's got everything, and then comes running back in yelling, "TICKETS, MONEY, PASSPORT!" I say that to myself every time I go to the airport now (, seriously, it really works), and if I were on this race I would adapt it. Maybe "CLUE, MONEY, PARTNER!" In decreasing order of importance. On the heavily-trafficked road, TK and Rachel and Nick and Don run into each other, and Nick tells TK that he just has a general direction of which highway to go to. TK and Rachel confer, and Rachel decides that they would rather "not give away our information." Thief! Traitor! Does Mirna know about this? Seriously, it's not that I disagree with her philosophy in theory, of course, but I must point out that it might have saved some strain on her heart if she could have later asked an indebted Nick, "So, mind if I take a look at that clue you're holding?" But no, TK and Rachel decide to go it alone. On the open road, Jen tells Nate that she thinks they'll go through Forli before they make their turn, and Nate thinks that they'll be seeing an exit for Forli, which they, seemingly immediately, do. Jen lets us know that that's "such a comforting feeling." It's no wonder the editors made Jen look so good this episode after she supplied them with a lead-in like that...

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